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Top Spot

Look up "breastfeeding information and advice" on Google and guess who has got a number 1 ranking!!! I can't really believe it, but it's true. Not that I have noticed a big jump in my visitor stats...

I've been working frantically all week on optimising my site and making sure everything is in the right place. Then, to my horror, I realised tonight that when I used my husband's PC there were loads of errors which don't show up on the laptop! I think I've fixed most of them but it is sooo frustrating. I really need a new computer!

I had to spend a whole day in bed on Tuesday as I caught a bad cold. I could hardly move and I shivered and sweated through the day and night. I was miserable.

I did get the chance to read a book I bought at the weekend though so there was a good side to being ill.

Jack is screaming from his cot now, so must dash - he's due a feed and doesn't believe in waiting!

Terrible Twos

Another week of submitting articles to various article sites and making changes to I am amazed by the way there is always something new to be done. I think I am finished and the site is as good as I can make it and then I think of something else to add or take away from it.

Our baby, Jack, is trying very hard to walk this week. He can now stand on his own for about 5 seconds before toppling! Tara is almost finished Primary 2 at school which makes me realise how quickly she is growing up. And Sarah, who is almost three has announced that she hates her name and wants to be Jessica because it is a pretty name! I feel we have a bit of a battle on our hands over that one as she is very strong-willed. And has such a temper! It is actually quite funny watching her personality develop so rapidly in front of us. Only yesterday she was a sweet little smiling baby!

Sarah has also announced this week that she wants a pink castle for her birthday! And she is refusing to wear any clothes that are not pink! To the extent that she went upstairs one day during the week and changed out of a stripy dress she was wearing into pink trousers and a pink t-shirt... What will she be like when she is a teenager!

Maybe I should forget about my breastfeeding website and start one about terrible toddlers instead!

Breast Art

We took a short trip to Dublin on Tuesday to see an art exhibition held in the Merrion Hotel. While we were there we popped into the Royal Hibernian Academy too. There were a few pictures that would have been ideal for One was a series of three photos of a breast with a woman's hand expressing milk! Although I'm not sure it would have appealed to everyone... I personally thought it looked a bit brutal.

There was a sort of monument on the floor. It was entitled "Small Mountains" and consisted of a number of clay/plastic breasts lying on top of one another. Strange!

Breasts are exposed a lot in art and people pay to see them.Yet breastfeeding mums are still made to feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. Now that really is odd!

Google Boogie!

I got such a lovely surprise today when I checked my google ranking. I checked under the term "breastfeeding information and advice" but I really wasn't expecting to be rated yet.  I was placed at number 9 and 10 for As yet I don't really understand how it has all happened so quickly but I have been working flat out on the development of the site, even learning some programming stuff!

So it seems I'm on the way to having a successful website!

Now I've got to really start working on the blog side of things. I need to start gathering some celebrity information, like who has breastfed and who hasn't!

And so the cogs keep turning...

Breastfeeding Mums United

My site is getting around 84 visits a day at the moment which is encouraging, given that it didn't exist a couple of months ago. And I'm beginning to get more mums contacting me requesting help which is great as it lets me see things that I haven't covered on the site. So I can keep it updated.

I've been kept busy adding new articles to the site and posting off articles to article directories. I bought ArticlePost Robot last week after trying it out and my articles are showing up all over the place now! Which all means links back to me! Great! So more visitors, I hope!

I feel extremely enthusiastic about my website and I love that I am educating mums about breastfeeding. I believe it is so important that women get the information they need to succeed at breastfeeding. Although I am no longer teaching in a classroom, I feel like I am still working as a teacher! So many women need access to straightforward and easily understandable information. provides for those mums. For me it is a vocation. Yes, I do want to earn some money from it but my number one priority is to provide breastfeeding information for those mums wanting it! And the joy I feel when someone emails me to say thank you or to let me know I have helped them is worth so much more than money. 

And so I return to my keyboard - which is beginning to look a bit worn out...

United 93

We had our first night out in weeks together, minus children, last night! When I say night I really mean early evening! My husband's sister bought us cinema tickets for Christmas so we finally got time to use them.

We went to see United 93.

What a heart-wrenching film.  I don't think any film has ever impacted on me the way it did. It brought me right back to the day itself when, like the rest of the world, I watched in horror and disbelief as a second plane hit the twin towers. I remembered vividly how I watched my baby daughter playing on the living room floor and how I cried for her life as I realised I could not always be there to protect her from danger. I truly became a real mother that day.

What made the movie so stunning was its focus on small human things, such as a flight captain chatting about his 11 month old baby daughter. And seeing air traffic controllers carrying out their everyday work, completely unaware of how their day would turn out. Passengers making small chat.

Even watching the determination on the faces of the extremists who took over the plane, and how they avoided eye contact with the cabin crew.

What will stay with me forever was the bravery of the men who tried to save the aircraft. The haunting final moments as their hands grabbed at the controls and the juxtaposition as the terrorists carried out the same action but for such different reasons. The human will to survive was blatant.

The end blackness was devastating.

God rest their souls and help their families remember their loved ones with great pride.

I left the cinema realising that life is delicate and we should relish every moment. Daily worries fade into the background when you study the big picture.

Slides and Roundabouts

Today was a real scorcher! Our six year old went to a birthday party and the rest of us went for lunch and then to the park. It is so sweet to see your three year old clamber up the slide, do her 'exercises' and then hurtle down! The baby just loves the swings and shook his head and legs frantically when it was time to go. He has recently learnt that shaking his head means no and he says no to everything now!

Over the last week I've been busy submitting my articles to lots of sites. It's extremely time consuming  and repetitive but the trial software I'm testing at the moment is great when it comes to posting the articles. Unfortunately, it can't automatically register me for each site so that's what takes so long. I spend hours at the computer registering with sites but there are so many! And I keep telling myself I'll do just one more! It is a bit addictive, sort of like being on a roundabout that someone keeps pushing when you want to get off. And when you do get off you want straight back on again!

This week I also decided to try out paid advertising. So far it looks quite promising. At least it is a lot cheaper than pay-per-click. I still have my google ppc ads running but I wonder how effective it is. I seem to get a lot of visitors to my site via ppc; but very few are clicking on my adsense ads. I am a little worried about the whole fraudulent clicks business...

I suppose time will tell but I'm beginning to feel my ppc days are drawing to a close!