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Measles Alert!

Having returned from our lovely relaxing holiday in Donegal, our baby, Jack, took sick with suspected Measles! He just turned one last Saturday so hasn't yet had his MMR vaccine. Although I always worried about the vaccine, both of my little girls had theirs as I felt the benefits outweighed the risks. However, as babies do not usually get their MMR vaccine until they are fifteen months old, there was little I could do to protect Jack from any of the diseases until he reached the age for his vaccines.

Fortunately, I am still breastfeeding him and this should have offered him some protection. In fact, I decided to breastfeed my first baby until she had received all her vaccines as I felt she would be best protected if I did so. And it was just the natural thing to do for my second daughter and now for Jack.

When I took him to see the GP she said that if it is Measles he appears to have a mild dose. But it is a terrifying illness as I discovered when I read up about it and it appears to be making a bit of a come-back due to low vaccine uptake levels by worried parents.

Jack appears to be on the road to full recovery although we have to get a swab test done to see if it is Measles or just some unnamed virus that he caught somewhere. Whatever the case we are now back to reality after our break. And hopefully Jack will be back to his old chuckly self before too long!

Holidaying In Donegal

We've just returned from a week long holiday in beautiful Donegal. At least I think it was Donegal - the weather was so fabulous it felt more like a week in Spain!

This year we decided to rent a holiday home so that there would be space for the children to run around rather than be confined to a family room in an hotel. With the help of the internet, we came across Crona Cottage, which lies halfway between Mountcharles and Inver and is just a few miles from the charming Donegal Town.

We chose Donegal as my sister in law was getting married there and our girls were flowergirls on the big day. 

When we reached Crona Cottage we were thrilled.

Our hosts, Susan and Gregory O'Loughlin, had a real treasure of a cottage awaiting our arrival. Greeting us at the front door, Susan handed me a carton of fresh milk. She had also left a packet of chocolate cookies on the worktop and provided brand new buckets and spades for the children.

Crona Cottage is a newly built dormer bungalow and everything was brand new and sparkling clean. Being a bit phobic about germs I had packed bleach, toilet wipes and worktop spray. However, for the first time ever, I felt perfectly comfortable letting the children run around in bare feet!


Sleeping eight and boasting an electric shower and a power shower, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble drier, microwave, electric hob and oven the piece de resistance was surely the log-burning stove in the living area (which we didn't get the opportunity to use, unfortunately, as the weather was so good!)

However, upon our departure, Susan handed us a bag of freshly cut peat to take home with us -  so we can relive our holiday in the winter months ahead!

With wonderful sea views, the sounds of cows mooing in the field next door, twinkling stars in the black night sky, a black hare sprinting across the lawn in the evenings, a pheasant mulling around in the mornings and herons flying overhead, Crona Cottage was simply enchanting. And the silence at night when the children were asleep was hypnotic; there simply wasn't a sound!

I felt Donegal in my blood and had tears in my eyes when leaving. Normally I can't wait to get back home - but this holiday was different! I dare say we will return again next year! That is if the cottage is still available!

Mastitis and Leaking Washer!

I've just come through a lovely couple of days! On Saturday I escaped from the children to get my hair cut and coloured for my sister in law's wedding. I usually love getting time alone and intended doing lots of shopping while I had the chance. But nature had other plans... I took a splitting headache which put an end to my shopping plans and I felt ill all evening. Normally Saturday evening is an excuse for a couple of glasses of wine and some television when all the children are in bed. But I was first to bed this weekend!

During the night I woke up feeling hot, then cold. Then I noticed the pain in one breast. Mastitis! I know what causes it. I know how to treat it. But I still don't like it! I took Jack into bed and tried feeding him. And I repeated this throughout the night. I tried the warm shower, the massage, expressing... but nothing helped.

By Sunday morning I had a huge lump in my breast and it was agony. I was having hot and cold sweats and most of the day was spent in bed! But it couldn't last much longer, could it?

Sunday night was again spent feeding Jack and massaging the blockage and breaking out in sweats. So on Monday I gave in and asked my GP for an antibiotic. But I was too sick to pick it up. My sister said she would collect it but she didn't get time to go to the chemist and didn't give me the form until almost 6.00pm -  by which time all the chemists were shut.

Then to top it all off my washing machine leaked all over the utility room floor in the middle of a wash!

So last night was another early night for me! Thankfully, the pain is not so bad today but there is a giant red patch on my breast. Now I am worried it may turn into an abscess! I'm not sure if I should take the antibiotics since I feel better or should I take them because of the red lump?

And I still haven't sorted out the washing machine problem!

Breastfeeding Articles Ripped Off!

Grrrrrr! I am so cross. I have been so busy writing quality breastfeeding articles and submitting them to article directories for the last few months. Now I discover that some of them do not have the decency to provide a hyperlink to my website. A case of 'What can you do for me?' I feel! What is the point?

Surely, by providing free articles, the least I can expect is that I will get a link to Anyway, my hubby came up with a good idea - have a name-and-shame campaign. So I will. From now on, whenever I come across a site using my articles which does not link back to my site, I will tell eveyone about it so that they can choose to boycott it if they so choose! I will not allow people to take my work for absolutely nothing.

If those who stand guilty redeem themselves, which I doubt, then I will have a separate list to acknowledge this! And I will ask visitors to my site to report those who do not provide hyperlinks! So be warned all you carpetbaggers...breastfeedingmums will not stand for your behaviour!

Big Hungry Baby!

I have been so sick this last two weeks. Breastfeeding may be great for my little boy but it certainly has been taking it out of me!  I got a really bad chest infection and had to see my GP who told me I had a touch of bronchitis. Fortunately, for Jack's sake, I managed to avoid taking any antibiotics and the cough bottle has really helped.

Jack has been feeding up to four times every night recently and I'm starting to feel exhausted again. As yet he shows no signs of wanting to wean.

I breastfed my two girls until they were sixteen months but I don't remember them wanting to feed just as much as Jack does. I even gave him a massive bowl of Ready Brek to fill him up last night but it had no effect!

I gave him an ice-cream in a cone yesterday and he made the most delightful sounds as he ate it! He kept looking at it and just chuckling! It was one of those sounds that I will always remember...

He loves his breastmilk and his ice-cream and his cereal and anything else edible. All in all, I can safely say that in my opinion baby boys definitely seem to be hungrier than baby girls!

The Long Wait

Well, I've been reading up on a few blogs trying to suss out the whole thing. I am beginning to realise that it is not just as basic as writing a diary. Some of those that I have looked at have been amazing. Mine looks extremely basic besides some out there. But I think I have some learning to do before I acheive the great heights of some bloggers.

One thought I have had is to place my own original articles on my blog and then incorporate links to other sites via the articles. In that way people will get appropriate information about breastfeeding and I will feel more comfortable about what I am writing!

But it really is hard finding the time to keep my website, up to date and writing a blog alongside it.

Over the last few days I have been getting really frustrated trying to work out how to get my visitor numbers up whilst reducing my advertising costs. It seems that no matter what my daily budget for Google Adwords is I only make back half of that via Google Adsense. But the click-through rate with Adsense is double that of Adwords! So, in theory I should be making a profit...

I've done everything I've been advised to do - original content, sending articles to article sites, optimising my site pages, keeping a fresh up-to-date site and so on.

I think it is now a matter of waiting for my site to be indexed by all the search engines and maybe then will see some profit!

In the mean time I suppose I have to start placing my articles here so that anyone out there reading this blog might be tempted to pay the site a visit!!!