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Modest Mums Encouraged to Breastfeed in Public

My first venture into the world of making a submission to the mighty Digg!

I wonder if this product will take off in the UK as much as it has in the USA? As a regular commuter it cold save the odd blushing face.

I came across this press release today which is advertising a breastfeeding wrap. I think it is a great idea and any product that helps breastfeeding mums with privacy has got to be welcome. Of course, in an ideal world we wouldn't have to disguise ourselves - but sometimes we just have to!
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Baby Steps...

Jack is trying very hard to walk more. He reminds me of a little man wading through mud. He stands in one spot, and with enormous effort, slowly lifts up his great weight of a leg and stamps it down quickly on the floor. Then he tries the other, all the time with his two little arms outstretched to balance himself. When the balance goes he slams to the floor; it's a good job nappies are well padded!

He has the cuttest little look of concentration every time he attempts to walk and it is so hard to not sweep him up and just kiss his little face!

The two girls, Tara and Sarah, encourage him, but at three years old, Sarah tends to get a bit too excited and usually sends him flying!

My PRWEB press release went out yesterday and I'm amazed at the response. Within 24 hours over 25,000 Reads had been recorded and over 300 Pickups!

So I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope things keep going well! I'll take baby steps whilst Jack takes baby tumbles!

Dancing Feet!

I was feeding Jack today and The Gorillaz were on in the background. He started chuckling and moving his head in time to the beat! After his feed, I took him into the kitchen where he started to do a little dance whilst laughing his head off! So the child's got rhythm!

At one year old he can tell a good song when he hears it. I wonder what he'll be when he grows up...

Moment of Truth!

The big day is fast approaching. I have a Press Release scheduled with for Monday and I'm feeling both excited and nervous about it. I've spent the past week optimising further; ensuring all my links are linking, the layout is working and that the content reads well!

And today, to my surprise, I realised that my PageRank was finally showing up on the Google bar across the top of my screen. It couldn't have come at a better time! I'm thrilled to have a Page Rank 3 considering the short length of time I've been working on the site! So, I must be doing something right...

I've also finally got around to finding out how to put interesting stories on this blog. Until now, I wasn't too sure about the whole thing. And it's really only recently that I made up my mind about the sort of content I wanted breastfeedingmums blog to have. So now it is more or less my own public diary which includes stories of interest to me and not just breastfeeding stories!

And Digging stories I like is good fun.

Well, I guess I've done enough for today. So, I'm off for a glass of wine and until next time, I bid you all goodnight.

Breastfeeding mothers detained away from babies.

Immigration officials have been accused of flouting several UN conventions by detaining mothers away from pre-weaned infants in at least two cases this spring.

This story is shocking. Regardless of whether or not any laws were broken, breastfed babies should not be separated from their mothers before they have been weaned. It is just plain abusive to both mother and baby. The babies must have been traumatised. And the poor mums must have been in agony, as well as being terribly embarrassed due to the resulting engorgement and leaking.

You can't just stop breastfeeding. It has to be done very gradually over a number of days.

Breastfeeding is still so misunderstood. It's the 21st century and the government is urging women to breastfeed - yet things like this are still going on...

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Male Breastfeeding, What a Manly Thought That Is

The oddity here is not that men can breastfeed, but rather that they can and don't know it. Or maybe they do... and they're just not letting on!

Somehow I don't think too many men will be rushing out to purchase breastfeeding bras and breast pumps for their own personal use. Although, I must say it would be quite a sight. No, I say let men be men and stop trying to make men and women the same. Difference is good. The world would be much less exciting without it!

Come to think of it though, perhaps the competition between males and females would encourage a better breastfeeding uptake and as a result more babies would benefit from being breastfed. Now that would be good!!

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Meeting Old Friends

I finally got around to doing my grocery shopping this evening... the cupboards were beginning to resemble Old Mother Hubbard's! I really hate getting groceries; I think this stems from my childhood when I would go shopping with my mum and she seemed to take forever choosing what was needed. She also seemed to stop and chat to every person passing by! So grocery shopping took a very long time.

I'm the opposite. When I get the groceries, I grab what I need and get out of the shop as quickly as I can.  Ooops, that makes me sound like a thief! Obviously I pay for my shopping first!

But tonight I met a friend. Of all the people I know, Angela is one of the most sincere and nicest people I've ever met.

I first bumped into her, ironically enough, in the local hospital when we'd both just lost our bumps! She had a little girl just a couple of days before I had Tara. She was in the room next to mine and popped in to congratulate me. We swopped birth stories and I quickly realised my horror story was nothing compared with hers! A 46 hour labour and three doses of pethidine... what a woman!

Since that fateful meeting, we've bumped (excuse the pun) into one another regularly whilst shopping and her lovely hubby, a professional photographer, has even done a family photo shoot for us!

So I'm glad I went shopping tonight - because I caught up with someone who shares a very special time in my life and whose little daughter is extremely similar to ours both in personality and temperament! (It must be an Aries thing!)

But guess what... Tara was with me and I've suddenly realised she is now me and I am my mum - going shopping and stopping for long chats with fellow shoppers! The poor little thing; this is just the beginning of a long journey!