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Reaching Out To Pregnant Women!

I've had an interesting week. I have been trying to figure out how to get more visitors to visit my website,, when I realised that perhaps I've been targeting the wrong people. Basically, I've been preaching to the converted. And, let's face it, most breastfeeding mums probably don't have much time to get anywhere near their computers, particularly in the early days of breastfeeding. And when they do they probably visit sites they used when they were pregnant.

And so I hit upon the idea of trying to reach out to pregnant women and those women who are thinking about getting pregnant. After all, many pregnant women probably haven't yet made up their minds about whether or not to breastfeed. And, having been there myself three times, I realise that quality information plays a key role in enabling women to make choices. Another factor is family history. If a girl has never seen anyone in her family breastfeed then she may not consider it. And if she does decide to give breastfeeding a try, she may feel she has no-one to turn to for advice.

So, to cut a long story short, I did lots of research and reminisced about what I experienced during my own pregnancies. As a result, I composed two new pregnancy articles, Preparing for Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy Symptoms. I have also drawn up a long list of others to work on!

I think is turning a significant corner and will now become a site for both pregnancy and breastfeeding advice!

Alongside the new articles I made a few more changes to the site by removing most of the advertising, which wasn't bringing in any revenue anyway, and now I think the site has a much fresher, less cluttered look to it.

I added footers to several of my articles which are free-for-reprint so that I could get a few more links and I have also paid to have some articles submitted by iSnare as they seem to have a good reputation and access to sites and mail-lists that I just wouldn't ever manage to get around to.

So, fingers crossed, it will all have been worthwhile and a few more mums will head my way!

Getting My Balance...

It's hard to please everyone! is receiving a steady flow of visitors. And I'm happily working away on the site. Then out of the blue I get a message from someone telling me off about something. As my heart sinks I get two messages from people thanking me for helping them and things are great again!

Getting the balance right is quite a task in itself but I guess I have to learn how to take the rough with the smooth. The internet is a strange old world indeed. And I have a lot to learnt about those who use and abuse it..

I love it when I find a blog I can relate to and last night I found a great one where the blogger was bemoaning her piles! It drew me in and was actually a witty review about piles of junk around her house. Did I make a note of this blog? No..but I will search for it until I find it again!

Channel Five Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is disgusting... or so Channel Five would have us believe!

I'm feeling really angry about the way Channel Five portrayed breastfeeding. A few months back Channel 4 aired a programme about extended breastfeeding. It was interesting but controversial and drew a lot of attention to breastfeeding... but unfortunately the wrong sort of attention. And now Channel Five have jumped on the bandwagon with their latest programme, "Honey, I Suckle The Kids".

If their intentions are to put young women off breastfeeding, they are certainly going the right way about it!

What annoys me is that breastfeeding is so often portrayed as some sort of perverted activity rather than the natural way to nurture a baby. The majority of women who breastfeed do so for a few weeks or months - and not until their children are eight years old and being home educated. Of course, to show the normal side of breastfeeding wouldn't be dramatic enough or pull in high audience figures. So instead all breastfeeding women are tarred with the one brush. What hope is there for breastfeeding levels to rise if Channels 4 and Five have their way?

If homosexuality or feminism was portrayed the way breastfeeding is on these channels, there would be outrage but because it is breastfeeding it is acceptable to taint the image of breastfeeding mothers.

The government has been trying to enhance the image of breastfeeding and a lot of money has been spent on advertising and promoting breastfeeding. Will that good work be undone now?

How many young women saw these programmes and vowed never to breastfeed because it's a disgusting act? What damage has been done to all the good work breastfeeding charities the world over have been working on?

And how many more times will the media attempt to disgust young mums into never trying to breastfeed?