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Human Milk Donations - Who gets all the money?

Fotolia_738189 Where I come from, Northern Ireland, donating breastmilk hasn't really caught on big-time just yet. It is possible to donate breastmilk but not many breastfeeding mums know they can. I only discovered it was possible to donate milk here recently after seeing a television advertisement about it. And just today I happened to read an article here stating just how urgently supplies are required.

"The Sperrin Lakeland Human Milk Bank, the only one of its kind in the province, needs donor breast milk as it is running low in supplies."

So we still have a long way to go... unlike the US where many women choose to donate their breastmilk for the wellbeing of premature babies who absolutely thrive on it. Until now a non-profit organisation, HMBANA, was solely responsible for collecting and processing the milk for hospitals.  However, things are changing...

Apparently a for-profits company is now collecting and processing the milk and then selling it back to hospitals at hugely inflated prices, from $26 to $43 an ounze. Now how's that for profiteering? Kind of makes me angry... To find out more about the whole issue read an extremely well put together article here.

Newry Property Boom

Picasa___breastfeedingmums1com_5 Wow, house prices in Newry, N.Ireland, have risen on average by 380% since the mid-1990's! Apparently Newry is the highest rising area in the UK. So I heard on Sky news yesterday.

And it's also made the news here being described as a "major UK boom town" having experienced "the highest hike in property prices anywhere in the UK over the past 12 months".

It's good news for me and most of my extended family since Newry is where we were all born, bred and still live. But sadly, it's not such good news for any young local people trying to get a foot on the property ladder.

Since Newry is right on the border with the Republic of Ireland, many people from there are choosing to settle here as they've been priced out of their own areas. This has caused a rise in Newry property prices meaning many homes have rocketed in value - it's called the ripple effect. Therefore, Newry people, priced out of their home town (city), have been moving further up the road to places like Banbridge - which is also currently experiencing a real boom in property prices. And so it continues.

In effect, this means that the whole traditional demographics of towns and cities across the North of Ireland are changing. It will be interesting to see what happens politically over the next few years as a result of this current property boom... It's still Northern Ireland but not as you know it!

Cotbed Quandry

I think things may be finally happening with my website and blog. I hadn't checked my sitelogs for a few days and when I finally got around to it today I noticed that over the last three days there has been quite a jump in visitor numbers. I'm not sure why people are suddenly finding or the blog but I don't really care so long as it keeps happening!

Perhaps it's got something to do with the awards the website recently won or could it be down to my Squidoo Pregnancy and Breastfeeding or Digital Photos lenses. I know it's too early to be the result of my latest Press Release as it only went out today but it has given me a much needed confidence boost!

To other news now, my baby boy, Jack, has figured out how to get out of his cot! As he is only 15 months old I'm in a bit of a quandry now. It's obviously dangerous to leave him unattended in the cot in case he falls out during an attempted escape but he seems too young to go into a bed! At the moment I have him in a sleeping bag in his cot so he can't climb out unless he gets out of the sleeping bag first... but this morning when I came out of the shower he had unclipped the shoulder buttons! So he's ahead of me on that one!

The cot he is in is a cot-bed so it's easy enough to change it into a bed and I can put little side panels on it so that he won't fall out when he is sleeping. But the real problem is that I suspect he will have great fun wandering into his sisters rooms when they are trying to sleep!

I'm going to have to do a good bit of thinking on this problem!!

Dirty Laundry!

I've finally learnt how to post photos and images online, much to my hubby's relief. And it really isn't that difficult. Having started a couple of Squidoo sites I thought it was about time I learnt another skill. So I did!

Anyway, apart from my Squidoo Pregnancy and Breastfeeding lens, I now have a Digital Photography lens too!

Apart from my web stuff, this week my washing machine died! RIP - it lasted 8 years so I can't really complain!  But you can only imagine what it has been like with three children and no way to wash clothes until the replacement arrives.

However, yet again I have realised how difficult it is to get what you want without being ripped off. I made my choice of machine after lots of research and then set about finding the best price. All was fine until I got to the checkout where some sites were charging up to £30.00 for delivery, thereby wiping out much of the savings! And some had a waiting time of up to 4 weeks. Eventually I decided to shop locally. Although I couldn't get the exact model I wanted, I got one close enough and the price was excellent - plus there was no delivery charge and no waiting! It should be here later today or tomorrow!

And best of all, if there is a problem I can contact the shop, instead of being passed around from pillar to post!

So all in all I think it has worked out well! Wins Another Award!

Whoopee! We've done it again. I had a message today from the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award team telling me that Jodie Lynn, CEO/Founder of, likes so much that she personally selected it as a winner in another award category, Baby Care Items 2006. So the site is now a double award winning site, having also won the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award for Best Educational Website 2006!

I am obviously thrilled to accept these prestigious awards and am delighted that has been chosen by Jodie Lynn and her Family Testers.

Now all I hope is that the added publicity will bring a few more visitors my way!

New Squidoo Pregnancy Lens

Here's my new lens focusing mostly on pregnancy with a little bit of breastfeeding! I told you I was going to add more pregnancy stuff to my site and Squidoo Lenses are another way to help get the breastfeeding message across. I feel really pleased with how it looks and I've loads of ideas for it - the only problem now is trying to get the time to do all the things I want to do!

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" is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever by honored by"

I'm so excited to be able to announce that I was informed yesterday evening that my website had won the above coveted award and I just feel extremely honoured to have had my site reviewed and chosen by real family testers.

And to add to the honour of receiving the award, Jodie Lynn, the CEO/founder of the awards programme personally endorsed the site commenting:

"Our Family Testers found to be an amazing site full of awesome information. Everyone who is wondering about breastfeeding options should bookmark this incredible site...great job!  BRAVO for all of your hard work!" ~  Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, CEO/founder of, and author of parenting book, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All! (June 2006).

So it seems like all the hard work hasn't been in vain!

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I wrote recently that I was going to diversify by making it a useful resource for pregnant women, as well as those mums who are already breastfeeding their babies. Well, I wrote two fairly comprehensive articles; one entitled Preparing for Pregnancy  and the other  Early Pregnancy Symptoms.

I submitted both to several article sites and mail lists and now it's waiting time again.

However, I do know that one of the articles has already had around six hundred visits on one of the sites so that's a good sign!

I'm now working on a few more articles and hoping to get more pregnant women pop by!

Painful Breastfeeding Sparks Creation of Patented Breastfeeding Device

Nursing Essentials(TM) Patented Products Will Make a Difference for Many
Mothers Who Quit Breastfeeding Prematurely Due to Pain.

I'm sure this will be a great help to mums who find breastfeeding painful. But imagine the wrath the company will be subjected to by those individuals who deny that breastfeeding is ever painful. And if it is, then it must be because the mum is positioning her baby incorrectly - the implication being that it's only painful if you are doing it wrong! And yes, I know that incorrect positioning is usually the cause of breastfeeding pain, but not always...

I breastfed all three of my children and found it painful for the first couple of weeks but I got chastised by someone online for letting women know that breastfeeding can sometimes hurt. She felt it would be better to sweep that side of it under the carpet! I can just imagine all the militants scrambling to get to their emails to get angry with the inventors and marketers of the latest invention.

As for me, I am happy to know that my website,, aims to tell the whole breastfeeding story and not half-truths! Anything that helps women keep up breastfeeding is good in my book!

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