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Cure for Postnatal Depression?

Dyson_handheld_image I think my sister has just discovered the cure for postnatal depression. Of course, I may be a bit deluded - and isn't that one of the symptoms? But I went to visit her yesterday since I was feeling a bit low (ie depressed) due to the previous night's lack of sleep.

We had a bit of a chat, some lunch and as I was leaving she asked me to have a look at her newest gadget, a little tiny Dyson Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner! As I held it she switched it on and commented, "Feel the suction on that" and proceeded to empty the contents of the appropriately named "Crunchy Nut Cornflakes" all over her floor!

As I bent over to clean them up with this little device, I too fell for the power of its suction! It was amazing.

(According to her the only downside she has so far discovered is that it only has enough power for around six minutes continuous use - but it is only meant for small jobs around the house and car. And anyway if I need to do a proper vacuuming job I have my big cleaner for that!)

When she whispered the price to me I balked momentarily (almost £100), before enquiring where she had purchased it. I then asked for directions to the shop and she led in her car!

She even sat in my car with my children as I rushed in to make this impromptu purchase!

(By the way, I had no hesitation in buying Dyson as I have already got a Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner which I purchased about three years ago and still works like new,  as long as I rinse the filters regularly. And their after-sales service is also great as I discovered when I broke part of the wand whilst cleaning and they posted me out a replacement free of charge even though the cleaner was two years old at that point!)

Honestly, she is wasted. She works long and hard and is by all accounts a very devoted nurse but I truly believe she should be a saleswoman. I was the third person in as many days to purchase the handheld on her advice.

She even made a follow-up call this morning to see if I was happy with it! And when I gushed about how wonderful it was, how I was able to clear up the childrens' breakfast mess without having to go anywhere near the garage for my full sized Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner she chuckled happily and informed me. "Didn't I tell you I'd found the cure for post-natal depression?"

And I have to agree. It's a little marvel!

(* I am an Amazon affiliate which means that if you purchase this product through my links I will receive a small commission although you still pay the same amount. However, all the above material is true - I did buy it and I do love it and even if I was not an affiliate for Amazon I would still highly recommend this product! And really, you don't have to purchase it through my blog - unless you want to!!)

We Slept Last Night!

Dsc00878 Yes! Finally, after sixteen long months (with the very occasional break) Jack slept through last night! I can hardly believe how good I am feeling today. He went to bed at 10pm, awoke at midnight for a breastfeed and then went back to sleep in our bed. I didn't dare lift him as he was in a really bad mood before his feed because I made him wait a little longer than usual while I got myself ready for bed...

Anyway, later on he started making some I want fed noises and instead of feeding him straight away I made him wait a few minutes and then offered a bottle of milk. He wouldn't so much as touch the bottle, never mind drink it. So I gave in and breastfed. During the feed the alarm clock rang. I was stunned. I had thought it was the middle of the night! My husband was just as shocked as me.

And today I've been happily playing with the children instead of feeling snappy; we've been singing, rolling around and just generally having great fun. I have a real spring in my step! What a difference a sleep makes...

Fancy Joining the Second Breastfeeding Carnival?

It's almost that time of the month again - time for the second Breastfeeding Carnival!

The next Carnival is scheduled for Monday 4th December. This month the Carnival will focus on the topic of  "Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mother." However, this time around we've decided to invite submissions from other breastfeeding bloggers!

If you would like to be in with a chance of getting your post featured, and gaining some additional exposure for your own blog, please send me your submission by Saturday 2nd December!

Between the five of us already involved with the Carnival, we will each pick a submission we like.  In total five posts will be selected.

The winners will have their posts featured during the Carnival.

If you are interested, please get your post in to me by Friday! You can email it to me at or simply submit your post below. And remember this post is concentrating on "Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mother."

I'm looking forward to your contributions!

To Be or Not To Be... A Stay-At-Home-Mum?

Dsc01435_1 I was driving over to visit my sister today and happened to hear the tail end of an interview in which a mum was lamenting being a stay-at-home-mum. She was apparently fed up with being asked about what she did all day and was beginning to feel that life was passing her by.

It could almost have been me they were discussing.

I actually had tears in my eyes as I listened - but perhaps that had more to do with the fact that Jack is now waking six times a night for breastfeeds and I feel a bit down because I'm not getting any more than two hours of sleep at a time.

Anyway, this book was recommended - and I've decided to order it to see if it helps! (If for no other reason than to have a few additional responses to those who question my choice!)

I have days when I love being at home with the children and think I'm the luckiest mum in the world. But on other days I look around me and I see friends getting promoted at work and excelling at their jobs and I wonder why I bothered spending four years at university, stressing out to gain an English degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Education!

Perhaps they'll be useful if I decide to home-school the kids... but that's  really not on the cards!

I suppose I should try not to think about what other people think and do what is right for me and my family. And for now that is being a full-time mum to my beautiful children, who will hopefully appreciate having had me at home as they grew up - when they are grown up!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

I'm turning into my granny! My granny was the most wonderful and generous little lady and our family often laughed at how she always said, "Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph" any time something bad happened or if something nearly happened. For example, say you slipped walking into a room, then you would hear granny utter those words. It was just her way of expressing concern.

Well lately, since having my own children, I've found myself uttering the same phrase almost constantly. Jack climbs up on the table and nearly topples over the edge - Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Sarah falls and bumps her head - Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Someone overtakes me in my car on a dangerous stretch of road - Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

So I guess I really should have expected it to rub off on the children... Just this week I overheard Sarah, aged three, uttering the same infamous words when she witnessed Jack going headfirst off the sofa!

And it did make me realise just how much of me my children are absorbing.

My sister had Sarah at her house one day and she told me Sarah said, "My mummy is busy, busy, busy all the time. She is just always busy." I felt so guilty that my baby girl knew this!

She often says, "Mummy, isn't our house upside down?" because again it is a phrase she hears me utter all the time!

But I just had to laugh a few nights ago when my husband read her a bedtime fairytale. During the story, completely out of the blue, she innocently stated, "I know why the goblin has a grumpy face; it's because of all the bloody fairies." Now who would she have heard using a word like bloody, I wonder?

Hmmm, I'm often grumbling about all the bloody clothes to be washed, piles of bloody ironing to be done, all the bloody toys under my feet...

I guess my New Year's resolution is sorted this year! I really am going to have to be much more careful about stating my feelings around the children. Because, otherwise all will be told. And I just dread to think what Tara, aged six, has been saying in front of her friends' parents over the past three years!

Not Last Night but the Night Before...

Happy_breastfed_babyimages Well, it didn't go quite as planned a couple of night's ago when I tried out the "sleeping-in-the-spare-room-and-leaving-baby-with-dad!"

Having gone to bed late, around 1am, I said goodnight to my hubby and headed off to share my girls' bedroom. I finally fell asleep only to awaken to the sound of a very unhappy baby around two hours later. True to my word I let dad deal with it and quickly fell back to sleep.

However, when I was awoken after another two hours to a distraught Jack, I found myself outside the bedroom door before I had time to think about what I was doing. Opening the door I was met by a tiny little pyjama man with big sad eyes and I couldn't help but sweep him up. At the very same moment my husband appeared from the bed and couldn't quite believe that I had made it to our room in the time it had taken him to roll over!

He suggested I go back to the other room and that he would see to Jack but I was too overcome with the emotion of seeing my baby so distressed to leave him. Feeling more protective and maternal than I have ever felt in my life I simply smiled and breathed in his baby smell as my baby clung tightly to me and got into bed to breastfeed him. And breastfeed him I did. He got quite a surprise because there was loads of milk - all because I had missed just one feed!

But at least now I know he isn't just comfort feeding during the night!

So, I fear this will be a difficult weaning process. Last night I couldn't bear to go through it again and just continued as normal. And today I am back to feeling utterly exhausted - so I know that for my own health and sanity a change will have to happen. Any advice out there?

BreastFeedingMums Blog - The Interview!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingVisit my interview over at "5 Minutes for Mom". Have you been there yet? It's a mom's blog directory full of interviews of fantastic mom bloggers.

Also they've pulled together a list of Top Picks of Christmas gifts from shops run by mothers. The blog owners have a collectibles and retro toy store and a rocking toy and kids furniture store, but they love to help promote other women owned shops.

Oh wherefore art thou, Sleep?

I came across this blog post whilst looking for inspiration today and it sounds so brilliant I just had to share it. I'm going to test it out tonight... I'll let you know how I get on, but if it works it will be the first night's sleep I'll have had in almost 7 years!!!

Baby J, as his sister calls him, is now 16 months old - so I really feel ready to cut down on the night feeds. It has come to the point where I am almost afraid to sit down because as soon as I do he comes racing over for a breastfeed. I wouldn't mind if I thought he was hungry or thirsty but I think he's just greedy. He just can't get enough of a good thing, y'see!

I realised the time had come to make some changes when I held my breath and sneaked past the living room door a few days ago, praying he wouldn't see me until I had managed to get some breakfast. He had fed four times the previous night and I was absolutely exhausted, not to mention starving!

So tonight is the night that Jack will discover his mummy is not a human dummy! And I will rediscover some semblance of a sleep pattern.

I feel very positive about it at the moment - but if I hear him fretting during the night...

Baby Talk!

BreastfeedingimagesMy baby boy has good manners! Last night he said "tankooo" just after his breastfeed!

I can't quite believe that he is beginning to speak recognisable words at just 16 months old. He also nods "yes" if I offer him a feed and "no" if I suggest a bottle of cow's milk - although obviously he doesn't know it's cow's milk... now that would be really clever!

But he definitely has a preference and it's good to know which he prefers! Just imagine how I would feel if he gave the opposite answers!

Breastfeeding Nurse-Ins

Breastfeeding Well, it seems the breastfeeding nurse-ins at airports all over the States passed off peacefully today and the moms were allowed to make their point. Hooray for freedom of speech! Perhaps now people will be less inclined to expect nursing moms to place blankets over their babies as they feed.

It is incredible to think that women still have to put up with this sort of treatment simply because they want to breastfeed, regardless of the age of the child. Hopefully now that will be an end to it and moms will be free to breastfeed their babies in peace.

Do you know, I read a moronic comment a few days ago on another blog by an anti-breastfeeder (one who obviously wasn't breastfed either!) who truly believed that the mom who triggered this whole story was feeding her baby daughter for both her own and her daughter's pleasure! This person even went so far as to accuse the baby of being a "spoilt brat" and suggested that because of the child's age (22 months) she should have been given a cup to drink from!

Now any mom who has ever tried to refuse her breastfed baby a breastfeed, and instead offered a cup, will understand just how stupid that comment is. My children would have put up a real fight if they wanted breastfed and I had given them a beaker of cow's milk! It's a bit like offering an alcoholic the choice of a glass of wine or an orange juice!

My 16 month old son whom I am currently breastfeeding, will try every trick in the book to get a breastfeed! And nothing else will do instead. He will smile, whine, cry, scream, throw himself on the floor, sulk, charm... need I go on?

Now given the choice, if you were sharing a confined space with a breastfeeding mother and breastfed child, would you rather listen to a howling baby who wants a breastfeed and who is instead offered a cup, or would you rather the mother discreetly gave the child a quick breastfeed, (and it is quick - usually lasting no more than 5 minutes by the time a baby is staring to move about!) after which time the child would most likely have fallen asleep and stayed asleep for quite some time?

I know which I would go for...