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Breastfeeding: It's Thirsty Work, But This Mum's Gotta Do It!

My Very Special Glass of Water! Okay, you got me, Jennifer - I've been memed! This is my very special glass of water which is religiously brought up to bed with me every single night and has to be full to the very brim!

Breastfeeding is thirsty work and sometimes I am to be found in the middle of the night refilling my glass having guzzled the water down earlier!

When I once mentioned to my GP that I often drank two pints of water after going to bed she looked at me incredulously and queried how many times I got up to use the bathroom... Answer - maybe once, if ever! Then she worried about diabetes! But all the results came back clear; I just drink lots of water!

Now it's my turn, so I'm going to meme Andi, Tanya and Angela and Melissa! Show me the glass of water that helps quench your breastfeeding thirst!

Happy Drinking!

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