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The First Cut...

The First Cut! Our little girl, Sarah, aged three, cut her brother's hair this evening!

I was working on the computer and Stan was upstairs in his office. I soon realised the house had gone very quiet which is never a good sign when you have three children. Now I knew Tara was fine as she was in the living room lying on the sofa. And I knew Jack and Sarah were upstairs playing in the girls' bedroom but it was the silence that was the worry!

Then Stan appeared with the announcement that the scissors, in Sarah's words, had done "a magic snip"!

Well, my immediate panic was whose hair he was holding in his hand as both children have identical hair colouring. And my next thought was where in the name of goodness had she found scissors! Next I hoped it wasn't her own hair she had cut as I had just had her at the hairdressers on Wednesday and her hair was looking particularly lovely since. But somewhat thankfully, she had cut Jack's hair and at least baby boys can get off with short hair. She is such a girly girl that I knew it would be awful for her if she ended up with short hair as it's not very Bratz at the moment! And with the influence of a big sister she is very much into Bratz right now!

Anyhow, I suppose it must be one of those abiding childhood experiences that many parents endure; I can clearly recall chopping off every single one of my own little sister's curls when I was around the same age, before turning the scissors on myself!

At least Stan caught the children in time... My poor mum came down to find a bucket full of pretty curls and two baldied daughters. So it certainly could have been worse!

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