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Dads and Breastfeeding

June 17th is Father's Day, and in honour of the great day, June's Carnival of Breastfeeding will be on the theme of  "Dads and Breastfeeding".

How did your baby's father react when you said you were going to breastfeed?

How did he support you when it became a reality?

How would he feel about writing a breastfeeding post for your blog? :)

Yip, that's right! This month we're also inviting dads to write the posts! Who says women never listen? ;)

So, if you have a blog, and either you or your baby's dad are interested in participating,  email me your post by June 5th.  It will be forwarded on to the rest of the team and the best will be included in the Carnival. 

The Carnival will be held on June 12th

Before submission, please read the following pointers carefully in order to improve your chances of becoming a guest blogger in June's Carnival:

    1. Please write your post in a clear and concise manner.
    2. Check your grammar and spellings.
    3. Stay on topic.
    4. The overall quality of the rest of your blog and its relevance to our readers will be taken into account when choosing participants.
    5. If your blog post is chosen, on the day of the Carnival you will be reminded to include permalinks in a summary post to each of the other permanent blogs in the Carnival  (ie. BreastfeedingMums Blog, Breastfeeding 123, Mama Knows Breast, Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog and The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog) and to also include links to the other guest bloggers.

Have fun!

Lost Finale - What the Blazes??

Lost What was that all about?

Jack is a suicidal alcoholic drug dependant?

Or not?

Was Jack having a last minute flash forward - after all, the name of the funeral parlour was an anagram of flash forward, Hoffs/Drawler?

Did this happen just before leaving the island? Or did all this stuff happen after he left? (if indeed he did leave?)

What's Kate doing in his flash forward?

Kate was headed to jail before the crash... so why isn't she in jail now that she's off the island, if indeed she is off the island?

Why is Jack so desperate to return to the island - again, if he has actually left in the first place?

Who was in the coffin? (I know lots of people who were ill recovered on the island... does this mean they got sick again when/ if they were rescued?)

Why has Locke decided to stay on the island?

What about Walt? Wasn't he set free with his father, Michael - and where is Micheal now?

Why have Ben's people turned against him?

If the code in the underwater bunker was tied into the song "Good Vibrations", does that mean that the numbers are also tied into a song?  If so, what song?

"Good Vibrations"  - is that a clue? Isn't everything on this planet made up of vibrating molecules? Is the whole story tied around different levels of vibrations/ different realities? Parallel universes/ lives?

How come Jack's dad doesn't appear to be dead anymore in his future life off the island, when he was originally bringing his remains home in the plane?

What's the significance of his ex-wife being pregnant?

What role does the little boy he saved have to play?

Didn't Jack save his ex before and operated on her to save her legs? Now he's not allowed to operate on the woman he saved from the car crash...

Who was he saying sorry to as he was about to jump off the bridge?

Will the next series be the same as last night's, made up of everyones new future lives and their memories of the last days on the island?

Will the next series end with them all trying to get back?

What will they do if they do go back - because they won't be wanting to escape again?

What about the message Charlie passed onto Desmond? Who was the new girl with if it wasn't Penny's rescue team?

Why wasn't Jack supposed to call Kate?

Why did they have to meet at the airport?

Is she still on the run?

Where is everyone else?  Are they all not supposed to contact one another now that they're off the island??

Are they even off the island... I feel like a dog chasing it's tail... where will it all end... will it end at all????

Aaaaargh - too many unanswered questions... and they're making us wait until early next year, probably for no answers!!


Damn right I am...

One Exhausted Breastfeeding Mama!

I've been having a couple of really bad days...

A few months back I decided it was time for a complete overhaul of my breastfeeding and pregnancy website,, which I feel is beginning to look a bit dated.

Now, fortunately for me, my husband is a programmer - so getting a nice new template put together was a breeze. Add to that a little bit of my own photoshop wizardry and the resulting new look is much less busy and much more attractive.

However, it is still nowhere near ready for its relaunch...

I have had to go through every single article I wrote (60+ to date) plus all the Dr Jack Newman articles to add links and to work on my titles and keywords. Easy as this sounds, it is absolutely exhausting.

Particularly when you consider my other roles as housewife, mother and referee to my own three children.

Last night I was discussing with Stan how frustrating it is being a WAHM. I was explaining to him how he is in a much better position than me as a WAHD because he has the advantage of going into his office and closing his door behind him, allowing him to work completely uninterrupted.

I don't have that privilige!

As a WAHM, it is obvious to me that most people who know me think I've got some wee website that I futter about with now and again.

They also think that because I'm not making huge sums of money from it, that I must be mad to work on it at all. So they completely miss the point that I see my work as a vocation of sorts.

Breastfeeding is something that means a great deal to me; I desperately feel the urge to educate women about why they should be breastfeeding their babies.

I've mentioned before how I was a qualified teacher until I gave birth to my second baby. Somehow it appears that when people can place a label on you then that's okay. So when I was a teacher, it was okay to everyone that I went to work every day, did my job and then came home.

But when you work from home, then people can't put such a simple label on you.

It's not surprising really, I suppose, considering that I find myself struggling to come up with a label that works for me!

Sometimes to keep things easy, I just say I'm a stay at home mum - only for people to question when I'll be going back to work!

When I admit that I work from home and they ask what I do, their eyes to glaze over when I mention the word breastfeeding. (It's almost as if they expect me to start lecturing them there and then!!)

But if I use the term "self employed" they look at me as if I must be loopy - how can I possibly be self-employed when I am at home with three children all day?

It seems I can't win whichever way I turn!

So as I struggle with a mountain of tasks for my unmentionable website, pull the kids off one another and race around trying to keep the house half respectable looking, you'll have to excuse me if I have a bad day and do a bit of a rant here :)

I just hope it's all worth it when I do finally get the new look BreastfeedingMums up and running (hopefully in the next couple of weeks)...

Then I can focus on trying to think of an appropriate job title for myself that will be acceptable to everyone, myself included :)

Woman Breastfeeds in Public!

Breastfeeding in Public A close friend (who is a nurse) recalled how she and her boyfriend went to a local cafe for some refreshments. As her boyfriend scanned the cafe for some seats, she went to the counter to order and pay.

Upon her return, she noticed he was in a bit of a state about something. Rushing over, she asked if he felt okay. But he was so distressed at this stage that all he could gasp was "Sit down".

As she took a seat, his distress becoming ever more apparent, he wheezed, "Not here, not here."

By now my nurse friend was concerned by both his shortness of breath and flushed complexion. Tentatively she requested whether he had any pain in his left arm or across his chest, classic signs of a heart attack...

To which he responded, "Don't look, but there's a woman breastfeeding behind you!"

To which she responded, " So?"

To which he stuttered, "Well... I don't have a problem with it - but I was afraid she might think I was staring at her breasts..."

Need I say more!

Get Serious!

Jennifer tagged me! This time the theme is... "What do we wish we had been more serious about in life?"

(This is becoming quite a habit... one minute I'm happily surfing through my favourite websites, the next I've got to start using my brain for real) :)

So what do I wish I'd been more serious about in life?

Well, believe it or not, I've always been quite a serious person. Even at three years old my mum trusted me to bring my own dinner money to the secretary in school! (She puts it down to the fact that I was the eldest child.)

Which makes me realise that maybe I wish I had been less serious rather than more so.

However, that aside, there are a few things I do wish I'd been more serious about. Number one being standing up for myself when I was younger.

As a child and teenager I was naturally very shy and was never cheeky. Teachers and grown ups loved this side of me and always commented that I was one of the few that said please and thank you.

Now you may think my seriousness was a result of my upbringing, but my parents tried all sorts to encourage me to be more outgoing and confident ( youth club membership, piano lessons, public speaking lessons, swimming etc).

But I just wasn't.

It's funny now because when I tell people how shy I was as a child and teenager, they find it very hard to believe.

But I was.

I remember one time in particular. I was 10 years old and sitting at my desk in school. The boy next to me was leaning back on his chair. When he moved it forward he sat with full force on my big toe! Ouch! Did I call out, scream or start to cry? NO. I just sat there wishing he would realise!!

When he did, he was horrified. He asked me why I hadn't told him. So I lied! I said I didn't know he was on my toe!!!

It makes me smile now but that really is how shy I was. He was a boy. He was sitting next to me. His full body weight was pressing painfully on my toe... but I was too shy to say ouch :(

However, although I do sometimes wish I'd been more serious in the self-confidence arena, I guess I'm a bit like Jennifer in that I don't really waste too much time thinking about what might have been. Because, the way I see it is that all the might-haves have made me the person I am today, and I don't think I've turned out too bad really :)

After all, these days I'm not shy about much at all!

If, all those years back, you'd told that 10 year old girl one day she'd be running a breastfeeding website and blog, she'd have burned bright red and slunk under the table, mortified that the word breast had been used in her company!

Oh how time changes us :)

Now it's my turn to tag, so who will it be?

Andi and Colleen, I tag you!

Breastfed Boys - Hungry or just Greedy?

Jack, the Hungry Boy! Something I noticed yesterday.

Is it boys in general, breastfed boys or just my boy who is permanently snacking?

I mentioned to Stan that every time I sit down Jack comes over, takes me by the hand and leads me to either the fridge or one of the food cupboards! That's when he isn't crawling all over me insisting on another breastfeed ten minutes after his last!!

Or is it shock/ horror "breastfeeding" that causes his permanent state of grazing?

All my children have been breastfed, the girls for around 16 months each and Jack's still breastfeeding at 22 months. (And that's another thing - the girls were much more interested in weaning earlier... but that's for another day!)

I realise that breastfed babies do tend to feed more often that formula fed infants. And that's because breastmilk is very light and much more easily digested. For that reason breastfed babies tummys empty sooner than their counterparts and so they require more frequent feeds.

However, I'm asking myself, does this set a precedent for their future eating habits?

None of my children are greedy eaters. That is, they get hungry, eat a little, eat slowly and off they go! Then a little while later they repeat the sequence.

But, Jack is differs from his sisters in that he never seems to stay full for very long at all. He is constantly hunting and grazing! (You see, I do think it may just be a man thing!!)

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not worried by his eating habits, just somewhat bemused. He eats a well-rounded diet and absolutely loves grapes and clementines, any fruit really. And he enjoys yoghurts and cheese too.

In fact he enjoys anything at all edible... and not so edible - we found him drinking water out of a tiny teaset cup from the toilet bowl last week. :0

(Don't worry though; I'm a bit of a cleaning freak and the toilet had been bleached very recently. So I knew he wouldn't suffer from a tummy bug! But seriously though, I was more concerned about the effect the blue disinfectant water may have on him. I phoned the hospital and they reassured me there was nothing to fret over after checking the brand on their poisons database!)

So the point of this longer-than-intended post is that I'd love to hear from other mums whether you have noticed a marked difference appetite-wise between your daughters and sons, or even between your breastfed and formula-fed babies...

Leave a comment below and set my mind at rest!

Madeleine McCann: New Poster Showing Distinctive Eye Marking

Madeleine McCannHere is the new poster released by the parents of Madeleine McCann, the four year old girl who has been abducted in the Algarve.

Her family have pointed out that she has a very distinctive marking in her right eye, where the pupil appears to run into the blue-green iris.

They are asking that people look into children's eyes in case Madeleine's appearance has been changed.

So, again, if you think you have seen her anywhere in the world, please phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, or if you are dialling from outside the UK, then phone 0044 1883 731 336.

Please note, you can download the full sized official poster issued by Madeleine's family  here.Madeleines_eye

The WOMAN Challenge Begins!

Day three of the WOMAN Challenge - so how am I doing? Well, considering my poor old achy breaky ribs, not too bad actually.

Although I haven't been able to walk very far, instead I've been taking note of other stuff I do and I can't believe how much time I spend doing housework every day.

Just getting my three children showered (no easy feat when it's both exhausting and uncomfortable to kneel down to their level!) and dressed, takes about 45 minutes.

For some reason, this week I seem to have had a lot more laundry than normal and am spending around an hour a day separating colours from non-colours, drying, folding and ironing.

The dishwasher is loaded and unloaded at least twice a day but more often three times.

I run up and down the stairs at least twenty times each day, making beds, putting nightwear away, tidying bedrooms, separating the children when they are fighting and delivering tea and coffee to Stan who works from an upstairs office!

Then the bedtime routine takes another half an hour of washing, dressing and tucking into bed.

That all adds up to around three hours a day!

Before I agreed to the WOMAN Challenge, I knew from previous experience that on a normal day in the house that I took around 15,000 steps a day. On days when I added a one hour walk (leaving Tara to and from school) this increased to around 20,000 steps. That surprised me as I didn't realise just how active I was!

I considered dropping out of the Challenge when I had my accident, but I realised that if I did that, then I would have nothing to motivate me to get better! So that's why I'm noting all my activity around the house in terms of time spent doing things.

I would rather note my steps each day instead of the amount of time I am active but, although I had a pedometer, the batteries were flat. I replaced them only to find it still isn't working. I tried to buy a replacement yesterday when I left the house for the first time in almost two weeks to get the groceries. (Stan came with me to push the trolley and lift the bags into and out of the car!) The only sports shop nearby didn't have any!!

Anyway, I still intend to get one, but for now I'm finding it quite interesting seeing just how much I do on a normal day in the house.

I often tease my sister about how she literally never sits down when I go to visit her - but it seems I'm just as bad! Even when I'm supposedly convalescing!

Minti Obviously this is not a breastfeeding post! Instead, I have to prove this blog is mine so that I can set up an RSS feed on (which I've just joined!) So I have to put these words in the first few lines.

That's it. Now my blog feed will go to Minti and I won't have to do any cutting and pasting. Yippee! :)