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Mama Knows Breast, Andi Silverman

Mama_knows_breast A breastfeeding book is born... and oh what a little gem it is!

Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner's Guide to Breastfeeding, written by fellow blogger and Breastfeeding Blog Carnival friend, Andi Silverman, has finally made it into my household.

I've been waiting quite some time for this book - not because I need the wonderfully succinct advice it dispenses (my breastfeeding days have only just ended!) but because it went on quite a journey before reaching me.

A few months back Andi offered to send a copy my way. I had shared some of my own breastfeeding experiences with her whilst she was still writing it, although I had no idea if she would use any of them (turns out she did, see page 31). I was thrilled and anticipated with great excitement the arrival of this new breastfeeding help book.

Some weeks passed. Andi emailed me to see if I'd received my copy. I hadn't - so she went off to check her publisher had my correct address. In the meantime I had decided to order a copy from Amazon. It never arrived either. I was beginning to think I'd never get the chance to read it when suddenly, out of the blue, it crashed through my letterbox just two days ago.

As I picked up the padded envelope I noted how very clearly and correctly my address had been written. Then I noticed a fading purple stamp which stated boldly "MIS-SENT TO UGANDA" - Yes, you read that right - Uganda!

Northern_ireland_ugandaHow can Northern Ireland possibly be mistaken for Uganda?

Anyway, I was just glad it arrived in one piece and wasted no time in getting stuck in. Immediately I discovered what others have said about this book is true - it's hard to put down! I raced through it in just a couple of bedtime sessions (yes, I was enjoying it so much I even brought it to bed with me!).

Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner's Guide to Breastfeeding, written by a mum for mums, is set out in short, easily read segments. Andi makes her points concisely, fluently and often humorously; in it she covers virtually every aspect of breastfeeding that a first-time mum needs to know.

From breastfeeding positions to expressing breastmilk, sleeping problems to nursing essentials, this is an indispensable, quirkily illustrated (by Cindy Luu) little guidebook to keep close at hand throughout pregnancy, the early days of breastfeeding and beyond!

As if all that isn't reason enough to buy the book, Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner's Guide to Breastfeeding fits neatly into your average sized handbag!

My Verdict:

Buy it NOW for yourself or any woman you know who is pregnant, breastfeeding or weaning.

Buy it NOW for any dad you know with a pregnant, breastfeeding, libido-waning (yes, Andi even ventures into this controversial area), exhausted partner!

And if you don't know anybody fitting either of those descriptions just yet:

Buy it NOW to sit on your coffee table - it looks much too good to hide away in a book case!

I foresee it becoming the next must-have breastfeeding bible for breastfeeding mums!

Buy it NOW from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com!

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