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Pregnancy and Baby Magazines

Infant magazine_3Last week I mentioned that I had added a new page to my website listing pregnancy, birth, baby and parenting magazines. Many of these were free online magazines.

Now whilst free magazines certainly have their place in today's world, on reflection I recalled the sheer pleasure of purchasing proper paper magazines when I was pregnant.

I delighted in having an excuse for an early night (apart from just "I'm pregnant and I'm tired...") and I almost always found the articles in such magazines both influential and wonderfully thought-provoking.

Anyway, shortly after posting about the new page on my website, I discovered a new Irish parenting magazine, Infant.

According to the publisher, Infant aims to

inform, entertain, advise and inspire Irish parents of children from 6 months to 6 years...

I like the sound of that! Anything that helps the parents of young children cope with the demands of parenting has got to be a good move!

Infant magazine covers pregnancy, baby, toddler and child issues and unlike free online magazines this one is to be found by Irish women in their local shops! Alternatively it is available on subscription - meaning that it will be delivered directly to your door as each bi-monthly issue becomes available!

Treat yourself now... and enjoy what promises to be a great read!

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