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Saying No

Don't Say No! Our little boy Jack has a recently launched a new charm offensive. A very clever psychological attack on the heartstrings on us, his parents. He has started ending questions with "Don't say No".

For example, I was driving to a local shop last week and on the way he said, "Buy sweeties mummy, don't say no." How could I especially as the whole journey all I could hear repeating over and over from the back seat of the car was "Buy sweeties, don't say no mummy...Buy sweeties, don't say no mummy"?

This new phase of demands applies to everything he wants be it a Thomas the Tank Engine dvd, a snack, a bath, a drink, out to play... need I go on!

Pretty smart for a 26 month old boy, don't you think?

Breastfed babies are supposedly smarter than those babies that aren't... I wonder did all that time spent breastfeeding, aside from developing his brain more quickly, allow him to ponder on how to effectively charm his mummy?

I wonder who else he'll use his newfound skill on in the future?

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