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June Carnival of Breastfeeding: Pumping and Breastfeeding

Welcome to the June Carnival of Breastfeeding! The theme this month is breastfeeding and pumping and as usual there are lots of great and varied posts which will be listed below as they become available! Here's mine:

Electrify Me!

Medela Breast Pump When I was pregnant with my first baby I had no idea it was possible to express breastmilk. However, all the pregnancy magazines I read seemed to have adverts for a particular breastpump so it wasn't too long before I realised it must be something pretty important. So I did a little research and duly purchased myself a well-known little manual hand pump which I carefully placed in my steriliser as I awaited the birth of my baby.

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Antibiotics and Breastfeeding

SHE magazine is currently working on a feature aimed at women in their 30s-40s who have had a negative experience following a course of antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection. The article focuses on the fact that as more and more of the same antibiotics are prescribed by GPs, the more ineffective they are becoming and subsequently they do not work after someone has had one or more courses of them.

Doctors have been told to stop prescribing antibiotics for colds, coughs and many chest and throat infections as their overuse is ineffective and is fuelling the spread of fatal super bugs. 

Since antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat mastitis their researcher, Sarah, is interested in speaking to any breastfeeding mothers who have had a negative experience with antibiotics whilst breastfeeding.

If you would like to share your story, please email sarah.barnard[at]