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Rare Blood Disorder Haunts Twins in Womb

Doctors Work Inside Mother's Womb to Save Twins

July 29, 2008

After two and a half years of marriage, Kim and Nate Stroh of Humble, Tex., got the good news on New Year's Day that Kim was pregnant with twins.

"We were thrilled about having twins. It felt like it was something so special," Kim, 27, said.
Then, in mid-April, in the course of a routine ultrasound, doctors discovered that the twins were not fraternal, as Kim and Nate had been told, but identical. The Strohs were also told the pregnancy was in trouble. Doctors had discovered a deadly complication.

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Has your maternity hospital let you down?

feeling-anxious-about-birth? As many of us in the UK are aware there is an ongoing national maternity crisis in the UK.

Today I've received a request from a journalist called Joani Walsh who is working on a piece for a national Sunday newspaper's health section on the crisis in our maternity wards, as highlighted by the recent Healthcare Commission inquiry

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Win a Laugh and Learn DVD!

Fancy winning a Laugh and Learn DVD?
Sheri Bayles, who is the CEO of Laugh and Learn, “Childbirth Coach to the Stars” and the “Twins Breastfeeding Guru” (New York Magazine), is the nurse with the personality behind the successful dvd series, Laugh and Learn about Childbirth, Newborn Baby Care and Breastfeeding.

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