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Have your say about my breastfeeding website!

BreastfeedingMums Well, has come a long way in the two years and seven months that it's been running. What initially started off as a website devoted to breastfeeding now also encompasses pregnancy and general baby care tips.

In recent weeks and months I've added pregnancy and breastfeeding tickers and I'm currently in the process of adding a glitter script so that mothers can have some fun adding them to their social networking sites and email siggies. I've obviously got this blog as well as Breastfeeding Mums Forum and the site has up to the minute pregnancy and breastfeeding news pages. There are also lots of pregnancy and breastfeeding videos, photos and stories.

I'm always striving to find ways to make the site more attractive and user friendly for my visitors and so now I'm inviting you to have your say. What would you like to see on Please share your thoughts with me as I really want the site to be what you want it to be :)

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