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Breastfeeding - Starting out Right!

BreastfeedinghomepageIt's vitally important to get breastfeeding off to a good start for it to be successful - so I was delighted to receive this breastfeeding story from Marie at Sweet Nursing over the weekend.

Like me, Marie is another mother who has turned breastfeeding into a whole new career for herself; a result she helps many mums get over their fear and discomfort of breastfeeding in  public by providing them with the most amazing breastfeeding ponchos and nursing covers! (I'll be reviewing one of her ponchos soon so watch this space!)

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NEW: B'Mums Relaxation CDs and mp3s

Breastfeeding Relaxation   Pregnancy Relaxation     Soothing Womb Sounds

Finally I've got around to making a few more relaxation cds!

Just in time for Christmas, a particularly stressful time for all us mothers, you can now choose from B'Mums Breastfeeding Relaxation, B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation and B'Mums Soothing Womb Sounds which I have to say is working fantastically well at helping my eldest daughter get off to sleep every night as she often finds it difficult to switch off :)

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New online drama, Heart & Soul, targeting working mums launches on

  • First online soap opera targeting working mums launches today  

  • Opportunity for real working mums to win a professional acting contract and lead role on the show

  • Social networking functionality on will enable mums to debate social issues and discuss private concerns

It’s tough being a working mum. Juggling a career and family life is a difficult and stressful proposition. The demands are never-ending, and the rewards can sometimes feel few and far between, as they are so often followed by yet another request - more pocket money, more overtime, another lift to yet another party, another gadget that everyone else has! It’s no surprise a lot of working mums feel like they’re on a treadmill, constantly running but seldom moving forward. Many working mums persevere at this momentum, determined to find the balance between their career aspiration and a happy family life.

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