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Sweet Nursing: Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding Poncho

Hide'n'See-black-poncho Hide'n'See-white-poncho A few weeks back I mentioned I would be reviewing a Hide 'n' See Nursing/Pregnancy Poncho from Sweet Nursing.

Well, I'm finally getting around to it after the very busy Christmas and New Year period during which I was dying from the lovely flu doing the rounds at the moment.

Sweet Nursing design and supply a unique range of breastfeeding, nursery and baby products and the ponchos are pretty new to the range but oh boy, are they good! I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them and I can tell you now that even though I am neither pregnant nor breastfeeding it is fashionable enough that any woman of any age would be thrilled to have one in her wardrobe!!

Made from premium soft organic cotton, the poncho is extremely warm in the present cold weather we're getting here in Ireland at the moment. And, since one of the qualities of cotton is that it is cool in the summer months it would also make a great summer time accessory too.

Me What I really liked about the poncho is the way it drapes when worn. Although it is made in one size, fitting uk sizes 8-20, it looked neither too big nor too small on me as is often the case with one size fits all. The poncho has obviously been very well designed, cut and manufactured to the highest of standards.

The poncho has almost invisible popper type buttons which can be adjusted easily during breastfeeding allowing you to discreetly check your baby; this feature is also useful if your baby doesn't like to be completely covered.  Because of the cut the baby will have plenty of room in which to wriggle if need be... in fact I imagine it would be quite fun to be covered up inside such a beautiful garment!

Available in both black and white, I opted for the black as I just tend to prefer darker garments in winter, plus with three often paint-splattered children I could imagine the white wouldn't stay that way on me for very long!

Whilst the Hide'n'See poncho is obviously designed to be worn by pregnant and breastfeeding women it can also be used as a cosy baby blanket and I have no doubt if mum did this after wearing the poncho, the scent of her would really comfort her baby, particularly at bedtime! Because it is so incredibly soft it is also perfect next to babies' delicate skin!

So, whether or not you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do check out the Hide 'n' See Nursing/Pregnancy Poncho - and if you're trying to think of a nice gift for a mother to be or new mum it's a pretty perfect choice!

Normally retailing at £29.99, you can currently buy yours at a reduced price if you're quick. For a limited time only the Hide'n'See poncho is available with up to 25% discount.

(Note to mums of older children - Even my eight year old daughter loves the poncho and has recently taken to wearing it whilst watching television! I've even thought of a rather novel use for mine after seeing it on her - it will keep her warm and cosy next Halloween as she goes trick or treating because we can never find any capes warm enough for her to go out in!)

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