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February Carnival of Breastfeeding: Money Saving Tips

Money-saving-tips Welcome to the February Carnival of Breastfeeding which rather appropriately, considering the current economic climate, is focusing on money saving tips!

For this Carnival I thought I''d share an article I wrote for my website a while ago which concentrates on some of my favourite uses  for breastmilk.

Since breastmilk is naturally sterile and has antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties there are many occasions when it can be used instead of or alongside more well-known treatments.

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Photos of Breastfeeding Positions

a Check out my new page, Photos of Breastfeeding Positions.

I'm a bit low on images though so if you've any photos of yourself breastfeeding, especially in some of the less common positions I'd love to add them. If you run a website, blog or photography business, as always you'll get a full link accrediting the photo to you! Your photo will also be added to the Breastfeeding Photo Gallery and again links will be added if required :)

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Join the February Carnival of Breastfeeding: Money saving breastfeeding tips

Saving money This is a VERY late call out but if you have any tips on how to save money whilst breastfeeding (apart from the money you save by actually choosing to breastfeed) then you can join our next Carnival of Breastfeeding.

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Lots of New Stuff on Breastfeeding Mums!

writing It may seem as if I've forgotten all about this blog lately but I really haven't! It's just that over the last few months I've been busily adding lots of new articles and useful resources to

Regular visitors will probably have noticed that I haven't been blogging so much about breastfeeding lately and while it's true, it doesn't mean I'm no longer interested! Although I'm not breastfeeding anymore I'm still keen to get the message out there that it's the best way to feed your child.

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