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Best of Britain & Ireland Exhibition '09

BOBI_Logo[1]  Here's something that you all might enjoy over the coming few days!

Best of Britain & Ireland exhibition '09, is a domestic travel event happening in London on the 28-29 March (

At the event there will be many attractions showcasing everything that is great about Britain & Ireland, one of which is The World of Beatrix Potter!

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The Lunette Menstrual Cup - A Whole New Discovery for Me!

Lunette-menstrual-cup Now you might find this hard to believe but until last month I had never tried such a thing as a menstrual cup. In fact, it's only in the last year or so that I've even heard of them! And, after asking around friends and family, it seems I'm not alone...

So what are menstrual cups? Well,  a menstrual cup is an alternative option for women wanting something else apart from traditional sanitary pads and tampons. And, from what I read about them on online forums, although there are numerous brands on the market one name keeps recurring; Lunette, a product which many women say they wish they'd discovered years ago!

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Help!!! Western Digital WD800 Passport is dying!

Wd800 I'm feeling a lot sick right now. I have a Western Digital WD800 Passport which I use to back up all my photos and other important stuff. Last time I used it one of the children ran into me knocking it flying onto our wooden floor. However  it was still working after its little accident so I thought no more of it... until yesterday. I had decided it was time to maybe try and sell a few of my best images rather than leaving them unseen on the computer. So I joined a stock photography site and got my WD800 out of its cupboard.

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Perfect Relaxation for Parents

B'Mums-Perfect-Relaxation-for-Parents-lulu copy  I've been feeling stressed out lately - as has my husband. Not surprising really, considering we have three young children and both work long hours!

Having created a pregnancy relaxation cd, a breastfeeding relaxation cd and a soothing womb sounds cd in the recent past, I realised I hadn't considered all the poor parents out there like us who aren't pregnant or breastfeeding but simply feeling the strain of family life and work commitments! So over the last few weeks  I set about creating a recording that would allow parents like us a half hour of time alone to destress, relax and  unwind!

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Nell McAndrew breastfeeding her three year old - oh the shame of it... NOT!

Nell McAndrew breastfeeds her son So the big news is Nell McAndrew still breastfeeds her almost-three year old... Well done, Nell :) Of course not everyone approves and there'll always be plenty of mothers and not-yet-mothers willing to pounce and criticise her decision and the decisions many of us breastfeeding mums take.

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Learn from Jade Goody and book your smear test now...

Jade goody before cervical cancer   Jade goody after cervical cancer  If you're like me, having a smear test is something you approach with a sense of dread and somewhat reluctantly. In my own experience thankfully they're never as bad as I've built them up in my mind and I always feel a great sense of relief afterwards knowing I'm looking after my own health and ensuring I'll be around for my family for a little longer.

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Breastfeeding Baby Killed by a Cold Sore

pregnant or breastfeeding and suffering a cold sore? I read this sad story last week in one of the daily papers. An 11 day old baby girl died after her breastfeeding mother got cold sores during her pregnancy. Unfortunately the baby hadn't built up immunity to the virus before her birth and became infected shortly afterwards.

According to her mother the baby's organs all shut down as her body became overwhelmed by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) that causes cold sores and unfortunately nothing could be done to save her.

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