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Help improve breastfeeding uptake amongst low income disadvantaged families

Here's a very worthy project you should seriously consider supporting.

Leslie Ott is a certified lactation educator who is currently pursuing an IBCLC qualification. She provides breastfeeding education to women in her local community but is also actively pursing a different venture to begin a non profit organization to provide breastfeeding education, resources, lactation consultant services and support, breast pumps and supplies at little or no cost for low income disadvantaged mothers.

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The Shack, by William P Young - A Book Review

The Shack, William P. YoungHave you ever found yourself drawn to a book only to find it's one of the most amazing and eye-opening pieces of literature you've ever read? Well, that's what happened when I found myself with a birthday gift voucher a few weeks back and I bought The Shack by William P Young with it.

I would never claim to be an extremely religious person but I've always believed that there is a God and an afterlife. I pray regularly, although more so in a chatty kind of way rather than in a very prayerful way. I often thank God for my family and lifestyle and I ask for help and guidance when I need it. In many respects I suppose I'm the same as many other believers! I'm not very fervent but I have a deep and fulfilling relationship with God in my own personal way.

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The "How to" Carnival of Breastfeeding: How to Wean a Breastfed Toddler

 How to wean a breastfeeding toddler Welcome to the April Carnival of Breastfeeding. This month it's all about breastfeeding how to's so I had to have a good long think about what it was that I most wanted to learn how to do during the time I was a breastfeeding mother.

I decided I'd cover How to Wean a Breastfed Toddler as it was perhaps the one thing about breastfeeding that I dreaded and worried about having to do. Like many breastfeeding mums I worried about how I'd approach the whole situation. It wasn't something I wanted to be rushed into but rather something I wanted to do it at the right time for me and my children. Perhaps more importantly I was also keen to cause as little distress as possible for both myself and each of my children too. So here goes:

Tips for How to Wean a Breastfeeding Toddler

(adapted from an  article on my website,

Are you currently weaning a breastfeeding toddler?

For the few women who breastfeed their babies into toddlerhood it can be very difficult to make the decision about when to wean. Do you decide from the outset to breastfeed for a set number of months or years? Do you opt to let your child decide to self-wean? Or do you just run with it and see what happens?

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Madonna Loses Adoption Battle

Madonna and david Well, however you feel about the latest events in Madonna's life, it seems even all her riches and fame don't always get her what she wants. To be honest, hearing the news that Madonna's planned adoption of four year old Mercy has been denied,  I feel sort of saddened that the child will not be escaping her current life of utter poverty.

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