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Nursing in Public - What's a Breastfeeding Mother to Do!! - Carnival of Breastfeeding

Nursing in public Welcome to the Carnival of Breastfeeding! Nursing in public is this month's theme and there have been absolutely loads of contributors for this one! They're all listed below and will be updated throughout the day as they become available. Without further ado, here's mine:

Nursing in Public - What's a Breastfeeding Mother to Do!

Nursing in Public... oh just the very the thought of it filled me with dread.

What if someone was offended and made a big scene? What if some school kids started giggling and pointing at me? What if I caused someone other than myself to get dreadfully embarrassed? What if my baby was making a great big fuss and I started leaking all over the place? What if I just couldn't do it? 

So many what ifs, so much to worry about and no idea what to do about it all.

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Have you a Story to Tell about the Healing Qualities of Breastmilk?

glass of breastmilk A few weeks ago I posted a story about a UK woman supplying breastmilk to her cancer-stricken father in the hope of helping him fight the disease.

I've just read the same story in one of today's national papers and it got me thinking. Do you have a story of your own you'd like to share that illustrates the wonderful healing qualities of breastmilk?

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The Breast Milk Formula? Surely Not!!!

The Breastmilk Formula... NOTSo, the formula companies are at it again. Thanks to one of Tanya's readers over at Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog who pointed out that Enfamil, one of the greatest offenders of misleading information when it comes to marketing their cans of cows' milk, have titled one of their webpages as 'The Breastmilk Formula'.

As we breastfeeding mothers know, formula companies will stop at nothing in their quest to persuade young mothers that formula is as close to breastmilk as the real thing. And if that mean telling blatant lies then that's fine by them. 

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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Swine Flu

Pregnancy-breastfeeding-swine-flu So, swine flu is spreading and although the sense of sheer panic seems to be abating  (possibly because the media are playing it down a little in contrast to a few weeks ago), I thought it would be useful to point out that the UK Department of Health has published information for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers wondering what to do in the case of swine flu. 

In the case of pregnancy, some of the drugs used in the treatment of swine flu, ie oseltamivir and zanamivir,  are not licensed for use during pregnancy (or breastfeeding) and will only be considered if the treating physician feels it is absolutely necessary. However, because zanamivir (also known as Relenza) is the safer of the two, it will be the recommended choice for women who are pregnant.

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Join the June Carnival of Breastfeeding - Nursing in Public

Nursing-in-public Join the June  Carnival of Breastfeeding!

The June Carnival of Breastfeeding will be based on the theme Nursing in Public. Have you a story you'd like to share about your experiences of breastfeeding in public? Were you comfortable nursing in public, and if not, how did you get around it? What tips have you got for mums who find the idea a bit scary? How did other people react to you breastfeeding your baby in a public place? How did you respond to comments good or bad? Whatever your experiences, we'd love to hear about them :)

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