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I'm a Desperate Housewife!

Okay, here's a question. Was this a compliment or an insult?

Felicity Huffman or Me 
I went to get my hair coloured on Saturday and the following conversation occured:

Hairdresser: Oh, do you know who you look like?

Me: Hmm, me?

Hairdresser: No, you look like one of the Desperate Housewives! Do you watch it?

Me: No

Hairdresser: Oh, you'll not know which one you look like then.

Me: Well, I used to watch it.

Hairdresser: You look like the one with all the children!

Me: (laughing) Oh, you mean the one who's always running around looking haggard and stressed out!!

Hairdresser: Yes!

Me: Oh that's just great!

Hairdresser: (frantically backtracking) Oh, but what I mean is you look like her when she's had her hair and make-up done and when she's looking fabulous.

Me: Oh that's okay then!

Have you ever anything similar happen? 

Of course I then made the mistake of telling my hubby who, ever since, has been having a great laugh that he's married to a desperate housewife... and sadly, I think he is!

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