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Medicine Free Cold Sore Treatment for Breastfeeding and Pregnant Mums

Herpotherm Cold Sore Device
I blogged a while back about how
a breastfed baby died after being exposed to the Herpes virus which had caused her mother's coldsores during pregnancy.

Well, for anyone who suffers from this unpleasant condition (including yours truly!) there's a new product on the market which promises to get rid of coldsores quickly and easily without any mess. Best of all, it's suitable for breastfeeding mums and pregnant women and promises that you'll never need to use another coldsore treatment again.

Herpotherm looks like a lipstick and emits heat which you apply to the affected area as required. The heat kills the virus and you can get on with your life without worrying about how messy your face looks - which is the main problem with many of the creams and patches used to treat the problem.

Now I haven't tried it (although I'd love to as every year I get at least two or three breakouts!) but it certainly sounds promising. And if it means less gunk on your face it's got to be worth a try!

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