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December Carnival of Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding and the Holidays - How to Take Care of Yourself

Breastfeeding at Christmas Welcome to the December Carnival of Breastfeeding. This month's theme is all about looking after yourself during the holiday season. As usual, posts from fellow bloggers will be added to the end of my post throughout the day as and when they arrive! 

Looking After Yourself During the Holidays: 7 Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Looking after yourself as a breastfeeding mother during the holiday season is no mean feat. What with all the house decorations, food preparations and gift-buying, it can be hard to find the time to sneeze, never mind anything else.

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Perhaps an Explanation for Low Breastfeeding Rates in the UK

I've just finished reading the following fascinating account of working life as a UK midwife. 

What it made very clear to me is that it's all too easy for us to criticise the lack of breastfeeding support available to women in UK hospitals. This real life account of the realities facing midwives goes some way to explaining why so many UK women quit within just a few days of giving birth. 

With two sisters who are nurses I have no doubt every word of this account is true since I've seen for myself how stressful working conditions can be for those employed by the NHS.

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14 Alternative uses for breastmilk

Having recently shared the following information with a breastfeeding relative I thought maybe a few other mums out there could be doing with a reminder about the many uses of breastmilk beyond feeding a baby with it! And, with Christmas almost upon upon us, why not print it out and stick it on your fridge or add it to a breastfeeding mothers gift basket?

Breastmilk can be used to treat:

  • Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis - Drip a few drops of expressed breastmilk into the affected eyes. This often cures the condition within a very shot time and can sometimes mean antibiotic eye drops can be avoided. (Of course, seek advice from your gp if the eyes don't begin to clear up with a day or so.)

  • Nappy Rash - Using a cotton pad soaked in expressed breastmilk, pat the affected area and allow to dry before replacing the baby's nappy.

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Allergies Linked To Delaying Solid Foods

I've just read the following interesting article regarding breastfeeding and allergies and would love your thoughts on it. 

My eldest daughter was breastfed exclusively for 15 weeks and continued breastfeeding until she was 16 months old. However, she still has severe grass pollen allergies which my consultant told me were genetic and no amount of breastfeeding would have prevented them. As you can guess I was just a bit dismayed by this news as one of the main reasons I had chosen to breastfeed was so that my children would be less likely to go through the misery of hayfever that blights my life to this very day!

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Join the December Carnival of Breastfeeding: How to Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays

Join the December Carnival of Breastfeeding!

With Christmas almost upon us it's apt that the December Carnival of Breastfeeding will focus on how to take care of yourself during the holidays.

As usual, when considering posts to include, we're looking for: 

  • Well written and grammatically correct posts.
  • Posts which are thoughtful and on topic. 
  • Posts from blogs that are on topics that are of interest to readers of breastfeeding blogs (parenting, breastfeeding, etc.)

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Breastfeeding Saved My Highly Allergic Baby: An Important Lesson from LLLI

I've just come across this amazing story on the LLLI website showing yet again how wonderful breastfeeding is and how we as breastfeeding mothers and supporters must not allow ourselves to be bullied into quitting.

The story fascinated me particularly as my eldest daughter suffers from allergies and was recently diagnosed with a severe grass pollen allergy for which she was prescribed a treatment called Grazax and which she must continue for the next three years.

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If These Boobs Could Talk: A Little Humor to Pump Up the Breastfeeding Mom by Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne Hedger

This amusing shower or new baby gift celebrates the ups and downs of breastfeeding and gives the rapidly growing number of breastfeeding moms something they can really use - a good laugh!

Of the approximately four million women who give birth each year, 70 percent will choose to breastfeed. This delightfully funny book helps those 2.8 million nursing moms laugh out loud, learn with unexpected tips and trivia, and de-stress during the most exciting new phase of their life.

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Cool Maternity and Breastfeeding Nightdress and Cardigan

I'm loving this fabulous maternity and breastfeeding nightdress and cardigan set which I've just come across on Amazon.

The nightdress has a double yoke and seams at the cross-over neckline, specially designed for easy breastfeeding whilst the short cardigan tie fastens.

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Breastfeeding Reduces Diabetes Risk

More positive breastfeeding news just published in the UK; let's hope it improves our dire breastfeeding statistics here and encourages a few more mums to give it a try: 

Mothers who breastfeed may be protecting themselves against diabetes in later life, research suggests.
Breastfeeding for one month can halve the risk of pre-diabetes, a condition which can lead to full-blown diabetes and heart disease, say researchers.

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