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Top Tips to Gain the Most from Outdoor Play

Outdoor play can be extremely valuable to children’s development. It has many proven benefits including helping to develop children’s coordination and balance, whilst building confidence and reducing stress levels.


Children are no longer used to walking on uneven surfaces and are more used to the paved walkways of our towns and cities, resulting in a reduction in their motor control skills. Increased levels of obesity have been well documented in the press, and playing outdoors boosts children’s fitness and improves their all-round health and wellbeing.

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GMTV Expert Likens Extended Breastfeeding to Drinking Coca-Cola

Oh boy, does this harmful story about extended breastfeeding I've just come across make my blood boil... but the fact it came from the mouth of a so-called expert makes me even angrier:

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Mommy Bullies

I've just finished reading a NY times blog post about online mom bullies (reprinted below) and it really struck a chord with me. Over the course of the past few years, since I've become active online I've been shocked on more than one occasion at the way some mums can turn on one another when replying to threads on forums or even just on blog posts. 

It got me wondering about just how widespread this cyber-bullying is and just how many of us have been affected by it. I know in my own experience I've been the victim on at least two occasions. What about you; have you ever been bullied by another mother online? 

Here's the story I read...

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Common Antidepressant Drugs Linked to Lactation Difficulties in Moms

According to a new study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), women taking commonly used forms of antidepressant drugs may experience delayed lactation after giving birth and may need additional support to achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding benefits both infants and mothers in many ways as breast milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that can protect infants from bacterial and viral infections. The World Health Organization recommends that infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life. This new study shows that certain common antidepressant drugs may be linked to a common difficulty experienced by new mothers known as delayed secretory activation, defined as a delay in the initiation of full milk secretion.

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Meet Northern Ireland's Cage Fighting Mum

Hmm, I'm not sure cage fighting is something I'd ever be tempted to attempt but here's a story about one energetic mum who certainly deserves success... 

Meet Aisling McLarnen — doting mum, healthcare worker and fearsome cage fighter.

The Londonderry mother-of-one is training hard to make history competing in the first female bout of controversial cage fighting to be held in Northern Ireland.

The 26-year-old ambulance worker is set to square up to Dublin fighter Amanda English at the Cage Contenders event being held in in Carrickfergus next month.

Although the feisty blonde is a seasoned kick-boxer with numerous fights under her belt, this eagerly-anticipated match marks her first foray into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as cage fighting.

So just how does she fit four hours daily training around a busy full time job and a child?

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Sky Sports Presenter Charlotte Jackson's Battle with Polyps

I've just been reading the following article and thought I'd share it here as I had no idea that irregular menstrual bleeding could be quite so serious:

Sky Sports News presenter Charlotte Jackson rarely finds herself fazed, particularly when it comes to her health. 

It has to be a major crisis - 'like a leg dropping off' - before she will go to the GP. 

'I'm a doctor's daughter,' says the 30-year-old newscaster by way of explanation. 'I hate to make a fuss, so I'm bad at going to see my GP.'

Indeed, last May, when her period continued for six weeks, she just 'hoped' it would clear up by itself. As Charlotte explains: 'I was used to being irregular, so it really didn't bother me.'

But it didn't improve, and gradually became heavier and continuous.'

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Breastfeeding: The Miracle of Mother's Milk

I've just read this interesting article in the Telegraph and would love to hear your thoughts!

We've all known mothers who can whip out a breast, whip on a baby, and lactate like mad – without effort, embarrassment or, in some cases, embonpoint. For me, breastfeeding was a slog: six months of broken nights, screaming and tears (mine, mostly). But I don't regret a moment.

Breastfeeding – if you can – is the cheapest, cleanest and healthiest way to nurture a baby. That's not just my opinion or that of the World Health Organisation (which recommends breastfeeding for the first six months) – it's common sense, isn't it?

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Whale Done Parenting: How to Make Parenting a Positive Experience for You and Your Kids

“We long to be better parents who, with our kids, make a better world, and Whale Done Parenting helps us do just that. If you want to raise good kids and see more smiling and less scolding in your household, read this book!”

--Naomi Cramer Overton, President, Mothers of Preschoolers International


What does training killer whales have to do with raising children? As this engrossing parenting fable shows, the two occupations have more in common than you’d think. In Whale Done Parenting (Berrett-Koehler, £10.99 GBP / 11.99 Euros, January 2010), Ken Blanchard and his coauthors – including two veteran marine mammal trainers – show how advances in behavioural science and positive training concepts used at places like SeaWorld can be adapted to the sometimes frustrating challenges of parenting.

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Breastfeeding Mums Forum • Am I Pregnant?

From Breastfeeding Mums Forum:
Hi everyone, need some advice. I have a 3 year old son and when I caught pregnant with him I came off the pill in the January and I was pregnant by the February.  My boyfriend and I have decided to try again so I had my Mirena coil removed on the 8th december 09.
I had a really bad period on the 10th of December which lasted about 9 days. I'm not sure about my cycle so I calculated a 28 day cycle and was supposed to come on again on the 7th January. It is now the 18th and I still haven't come on!!!
I feel different. My really lower abdomen feels different. It feels firmer and wider, I've been feeling really sick for about a week and a half! But I have done 3 home pregnancy tests and they have all been negative!!! Would it be to early to tell or is this all in my head???? What should I do????

Can you offer advice at