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Is Breastfeeding Responsible for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss?

When I first began breastfeeding I was amazed at just how quickly I lost all my baby weight and had no hesitation in crediting this loss to all the breastfeeding I was doing. I ended up weighing a lot less than before pregnancy and that was within about 8 weeks of my baby's birth.

However,in hindsight I sometimes wonder if I would have lost the weight anyway. I didn't really exercise much but I certainly didn't have so much time to myself to think about or indulge in eating junk food or enjoying meals out with my husband. I was also a healthy weight before getting pregnant and ate fairly healthily throughout my time as a pregnant woman.

So, I'm republishing the story below as it shows that researchers are still undecided. 

What was your experience? Do you think breastfeeding helps weight loss, do you think it's all in the genes or do you think a generally healthy attitude towards food and exercise deserves more consideration? Please read the article and post your thoughts/experiences below:)

Here's the article:

Researchers have long suspected breast-feeding, which burns an extra 500 calories per day, helps blast away postpartum flab. Even if moms can't nurse, some diligently hook themselves up to pumping machines, partly inspired by the thought of getting back into their skinny jeans.

But despite the anecdotal stories from breast-feeding moms and celebrity endorsements from stars such as Rebecca Romijn and Angelina Jolie, who credit nursing with helping them reclaim their figures, research is mixed.

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Family Reunions - New ITV Series Needs Your Help

Are you trying to find a member of your family?  Has your search gone cold? Or do you just not know where to begin?  You may be a birth parent, adopted person, a separated sibling, estranged parent or someone who has grown up in care - hoping to be reunited with lost relatives.


From Wall to Wall - the makers of the hit family history series Who Do You Think You Are? and BBC ONE drama New Tricks, a new documentary programme will aim to reunite long lost families.  With a team of experts in tracing and finding people and in providing trained emotional support along the way, the programme will aim to reunite those on a quest to find their family members.

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Debenhams Can't Spell!

Oh dear, one of the biggest high street names in the UK has made a HUGE spelling error. 

As I drove past my local Debenhams yesterday, my eye was drawn to their window display. Although I briefly glanced at the pretty celebration dresses, the real thing that leapt right out at me was a giant spelling error. 

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Allergies Strike Again - Time for an Air Purifier Perhaps?

Well, I know breastfeeding is believed to reduce the severity of some allergies but my eldest daughter, who was breastfed for 16 months, and is now 9 years old is absolutely tortured with them. In fact, her allergy to grass (her main allergen) is so severe that the consultant we were referred to started her on a 3 year course of Grazax, a fairly new and expensive treatment (thankfully paid for by the NHS), to try to increase her tolerance to grass pollen. When I mentioned that I'd hoped breastfeeding would have lessened her chances of having allergies, he told me it doesn't matter what you do, allergies are genetic and no amount of breastfeeding would have prevented it developing. 

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Coronation Street - Becky McDonald's Pregnancy

Becky mcdonald  I'm a huge Corrie fan and am really looking forward to a lot of laughs over Becky McDonald's pregnancy. Becky, one of my favourite female characters, is conveniently married to one of the top male characters, Steve McDonald. Together the two make a fantastic comedy duo.

At the moment Becky is around 10 weeks pregnant and although she isn't actually suffering from any morning sickness or other pregnancy related problems, she has decided it's good for the husband to feel involved so she has been taking full advantage of Steve!

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Stem Cells from Milk Teeth Might Help Save Your Child's Life

Stem cells Given that I've recently been writing about the potential importance of umbilical cord blood and how the stem cells contained within it may be able to save lives, I couldn't resist sharing this article. I know that we can't always protect our children from all the illnesses and infections that seem to be lurking about but if you had the means, would this be something you'd consider? I know that I for one never would have thought that milk teeth could be such a valuable source of stem cells!

Anyway, here's the article part of which I've reprinted below from the Daily Mail website:

When Kyran Bracken’s six-year-old son, Charlie, loses his first milk tooth, the tooth fairy won’t be getting a look in. Instead, the moment it comes out the tooth will be packaged up and sent to a lab in Cheshire for use in a future health emergency.
‘None of us knows what is round the corner medically for our children, but as a parent, I want to do the best I can to protect their health,’ explains Kyran.
The former England rugby union scrum half is referring to the fact that children’s baby teeth are now known to be a source of stem cells - the body’s ‘master’ cells which can turn into a host of other cells, including bone, fat and nerves. 
Stem cells are already being used to treat leukaemia and other types of cancers and blood disorders. The hope is they will soon help treat nerve damage, repair cartilage and even cardiac tissue following heart attacks.
The Brackens believe Charlie’s stem cells could possibly hold the key to his treatment should he ever become seriously ill - or even if he just lost a tooth.

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Natural Medicine vs. Pharmaceutical Corporations

Today, we have something a little different and thought-provoking for regular readers of our blog: a guest article submitted by Holly Hayden, a practitioner of natural health remedies, which looks at how natural medicine can be an important but often overlooked part of our daily lives.Enjoy!

There are a lot of good things in life. One of the best things women experience in life is pregnancy. It’s the most amazing experience a woman can go through. Aside from this, there are countless good things we can achieve or experience in this life (like modern medical practices) but these are not nearly as rewarding as having a baby.

The best things in life are not always the most popular. Think about the artistic genius of Van Gogh; the intrigue that lies with his name did not materialize until over a hundred years after his death. The same thing can be said about the many remarkable inventions by the underground inventor Nikola Tesla who created AC circuitry. Furthermore, if you look at the independent music scene, you'll notice many times that the best musicians are not always the famous ones. These are all examples of a very striking principle at work here.

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Breastfeeding Mums Blog Success

I'm loving this result :) Breastfeeding Mums Blog has just been voted one of the top ten best breastfeeding blogs by moms at UpSpring Baby and they've even linked to my breastfeeding stories page which they describe as particularly excellent!

Thanks UpSpring Baby! I really appreciate this award, particularly since it's awarded by mumpreneurs like myself.

Michelle Obama: Healthy Eating 'Isn't Just About Looks, This is About Nutrition'

First Lady Pushes Back Against Criticism of Bringing Malia and Sasha into Discussions About Childhood Obesity

First lady Michelle Obama pushed back against criticism that she should not have brought up the example of her daughters in her remarks about childhood obesity.

"I understand the sensitivity around ... the entire conversation, particularly as a mother with girls," Obama said in an exclusive interview with ABC News. "I mean this conversation is not about just weight or size or BMI [body mass index]. It's about overall health and the kind of lives that we want our kids to lead. And we've got to set them up for success."

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