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EPIBI® Nursing Pads - The Feel Good Pad for Nursing Moms

Epibi nursing pads I'm always interested to find out about breastfeeding products that can help mothers who are nursing their babies; so I was intrigued to hear about the innovative and newly available EPIBI® Nursing Pad (for normal and day wear) and the EPIBI® EVE Nursing Pad (for more absorbent extended wear). 

What makes them unique is that they are currently the only anti-microbial, washable breast pads on the market. Not only that, but they also are environmentally-friendly as they help cut down on the waste created by disposable nursing pads. 

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Two Pregnant Women Wanted for Motherhood Documentary

Channel 4's Cutting Edge team are on the search for two pregnant women to take part in an up and coming documentary exploring motherhood and how pregnancy unites women of different ages. I mentioned the programme a short time ago and now have a little more information about what will be required. 

Basically the documentary is looking to follow two pregnant women, one a teenage mum-to-be, the other a woman aged 37+, throughout the latter stages of pregnancy and will be looking at how they deal with life after having a new baby. 

The programme will follow the two mothers-to-be as they meet and deal with the challenges and triumphs they experience throughout pregnancy and as they become mothers. The team behind the production, betty*, anticipate they will end up with an "empowering and insightful programme".

Right now they would love to speak to pregnant women who are at least 30 weeks into their pregnancies and who are at either end of the age spectrum (teens to 35+).

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Having a Smear Test

Many women fret about having a cervical smear and worry about the procedure to the point of avoiding it altogether. Sadly, this embarrassment leads all to often to women neglecting to make their smear test appointments a priority and it is very common for women to miss tests for no good reason.

The test itself is fairly minor and for the majority of women it is painless and over very quickly. It is best performed mid menstrual cycle although you can expect some slight spotting or bleeding afterwards. Only if the bleeding is serious do you need to alert your medical caregivers.

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Mothers Accuse Goldman Sachs, Citigroup of Discrimination

Woman Says She Was 'Mommy-Tracked' and Then Fired After Having Kids


March 29, 2010 - Nobody said it's easy to balance Wall Street and family.

Two women have filed complaints against Wall Street banks, claiming they were discriminated against in their jobs after taking time off to have children. They are both seeking financial compensation.

Charlotte Hanna, a former Goldman Sachs vice president in the human resources division, claimed she was demoted after having her first child and fired while on maternity leave for her second child.

Dorly Hazan-Amir, an associate at Citigroup's asset finance division, claimed she was treated poorly after announcing her pregnancy and demoted after returning from maternity leave.

"Working mothers on Wall Street not only have to contend with the newfound obligations of caring for their child, but must also overcome the stereotype and biases that they are unable to do both," said Douglas Wigdor, the lawyer representing Hanna and Hazan-Amir.

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The New Jeep Backpack - It's Not a Backpack, It's a Tardis!

Jeep backpack It's been said that good design and functionality can't mix.

However, 4x4 leader Jeep have just launched a brand new collection of cleverly designed, high performance backpacks which prove that this is no longer the case!

I was fortunate to be in a position to road test one of the new Jeep Backpacks and when it arrived just a few days ago I had the perfect excuse for a planned day out with the family. 

We decided we'd drive to Rostrevor, Co Down and then walk to a local sight-seeing point, the Cloughmore Stone, aka the Big Stone, before heading to Kilbroney Park for a picnic!

Having had several birthday parties recently and wishing to use up some of the left-over party food, I prepared a rather larger picnic than normal. To be honest, when I surveyed all the food I'd laid out in preparation for our outing, I really wasn't quite sure I'd actually manage to squeeze it all into my lovely new backpack - but thought I'd give it a try anyway.

Me and Back Packs

Now, before I reveal my thoughts on the Jeep backpack, I should point out that I don't think I've ever owned a proper backpack before. Thinking back, when I was a teenager, the closest I ever came to owning one was when I carried my school-bag, but that doesn't really count as mine were just a very basic green or black sort of canvas job. 

As a student, I carried a few cheap, flimsy and rather awkward ruck-sacks that were mainly used to bring washing home at weekends!

As a mum, I carried around a few different nappy changing bags which although adequate, I soon outgrew once the children no longer required nappies, baby wipes and sudocreme!

So, for me to have a real backpack was going to be quite something!

Look and Feel

As it turned out, despite my initial concerns that I'd prepared too much food for the Jeep backpack to handle, it was actually deceptively larger than it first appeared; before long I'd nick-named it the Tardis!

To look at on an aesthetic level, the Jeep backpack is very impressive. 

It feels incredibly strong, despite the fact that it weighs very little. The stitching looks like it would withstand a lot of pressure and the zips, of which there are plenty, are made from good, heavy duty plastic. The back straps are wide and padded and the bag also features a good tough carrying handle. Mine was a lovely coordinating light pink and grey, but if pink's not your thing, the bag is also available in several colour combinations. 

However, in our house pink is good! So good, in fact, that on the day the bag arrived, it caused an immediate sensation amongst my two daughters, both of whom assumed it was a new school bag for them! As they began to bicker over which of them it might be for, I took more than a modicum of pleasure in announcing it was actually for me!

The Test Begins

Jeep back pack style The Jeep Back Pack is undeniably sturdy, made from waterproof, breathable fabric and given that I crammed it impossibly full for our picnic, I am confident it would take a bigger mum than me to actually cause any zipper damage to it! 

However, Jeep actually make a point of providing double zips on each compartment so even in the unlikely event of one zip malfunctioning, the douple zips mean the bag could still be sealed shut. Even with the bag completely full I found all the zips operated easily without any sticking or tugging required. The zipper tags themselves are made from chunky rubber and feel pleasantly strong.

The base of the backpack is double lined and made to withstand extra weight, scuffs and tears should they occur and the tightly stitched seams offer added protection for even the fullest of bags!

Jeep back pack contents The thing that pleased me most about the bag is the sheer space within it. Really, it is fantastic. Normally when we go out for the day the children want to bring along a multitude of toys, books and other bits and bobs which I usually end up carrying for them. It's also common for them to decide they're too warm and to all want their coats carried. However, with this bag, I can be sure everything will fit into one place!

Jeep storage

Besides the main storage areas there are several smaller storage areas and I had a lot of fun deciding what to put where!

For once, I even left my handbag behind on our day out as there was space in the bag for my debit cards, mobile phone, loose change, some lipstick and my pen! 

The main compartment is fabulously huge and easily contained my picnic rug, a large flask of tea, two mugs, three plastic beakers, 3 plastic plates, 3 plastic bowls, a 2 litre bottle of fizzy orange, 5 fairy cakes and 5 packets of crisps. In the outer compartment I carried four filled bread rolls, three sausage rolls, a packet of biscuits, several pieces of fruit and some sweets and mini chocolate bars. Like I said, it's deceptively spacious!

In addition to the main storage areas, the Jeep back pack has a nifty little iPod compartment with conveniently placed opening for earphones! Although I brought my iPod with me, I didn't actually use it because we were all having so much fun, but it's a great idea for anyone out walking alone and wanting to keep their music safe whilst close at hand. 

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Schools Low Carbon Day Launches to Educate 1 Million Children about Climate Change

Low Carbon Day

National Schools Campaign to Raise Awareness about Climate Change on June 24th 2010

March 29, 2010
: An annual event for both primary and secondary schools is announced today which aims to educate 1 million pupils across Britain about climate change and make them more aware of the impact they and their family have on the environment. 

Organised by Cool The World, a registered charity set up by a group of mothers, ‘Schools Low Carbon Day’ has been designed to raise awareness of climate change among those who will be most affected by it – the younger generation - and give support and resources to schools looking to teach their pupils about this issue in a fun and engaging way. 

On June 24th 2010, schools up and down the country will dedicate the morning to teaching their pupils about climate change and inspire them to do something to reduce carbon emissions in their home or school. 

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The Prezzie Place - 5 Star Customer Service from Friendly Family Run Gift Company

Angel-of-god-water-globe My little sister (well, she's 12 years younger than me so I believe that qualifies!) gave birth to her first baby a couple of weeks ago. Like lots of new aunties, I was thrilled there was a new baby in the family and wanted to buy the little girl something unique she could treasure forever.

I decided upon a musical water globe fairly quickly, but wanted something a little bit different from the norm. I was delighted when I found just what I was after via Amazon and sold by UK family run company, The Prezzie Place

I've always loved (and by that I mean really loved) the prayer "Angel of God, My Guardian Dear" and as a child owned a little framed picture of a baby girl in her cot gazing up at an angel picture on her bedroom wall. So, Baby Braham's Lullaby Musical Globe (pictured) had real meaning for me.

After placing my order it arrived very quickly, within just a couple of days and I opened it to examine it with great excitement. It was just as beautiful as I'd imagined it would be and was just perfect for my baby niece.

But... (and I wish there wasn't a but here!)

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Oh My Gosh! It’s New Squeezy Squash from bottlegreen

Bottlegreen  There’s a new squash in town looking to mix things up – new bottlegreen Squeezy Squash is available in three lip smacking juicy flavours, including AppleOrange and Apple & Blackcurrant and the best bit – it comes in an easy-peasy squeezy bottle! No mess, no fuss, just a small burst of big taste! 


Made from natural ingredients and containing almost half the sugar of the average fruit juice, bottlegreen Squeezy Squash is a naturally tasteful and fun way to liven up water, keeping kids and adults alike hydrated.

Not only is it super tasty and lots of fun to grab with both hands and squeeeeze, the unique squeezy bottle has a special “no-drips” valve, which means less mess and also makes it easier to control how much you use. Even better, it’s easy on mum’s purse as bottlegreen Squeezy Squash is triple strength, just one 430ml bottle makes 22 glasses of the lovely stuff!


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HOTmilk Lingerie Celebrates the “Yummy Mummy” - Get the Monica Bellucci Look!

HOTmilk lingerie As the launch of the new Vanity Fair Italia sees the glamorous actress Monica Bellucci bare her bump in seductive lingerie, she perfectly demonstrates how mums-to-be can be sexy and remain proud of their bodies when pregnant. Monica is just one of the current raft of celebrity ‘yummy mummies’ celebrating their new figures and showing that you don’t have to forgo style or sensuality when pregnant. But how many ‘real women’ realise that looking great and feeling fantastic when pregnant need not be the reserve of the celebrity mums-to-be set?


HOTmilk, the leading maternity and nursing lingerie brand with a provocative edge, celebrates femininity and sensuality and aims to reveal the sexy woman inside the loving mother with their range of on-trend, design-led lingerie and directional campaign imagery that truly celebrates the pregnant female form. Using luxurious fabrics, delicate embellishments and satin and lace trim detailing, HOTmilk create stylish lingerie sets that are supportive and practical whilst retaining a daring but feminine edge.

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Bee Loved by Bugaboo Bee

Bugaboo Bugaboo, the brand known for excellence in innovation and design is proud to announce the launch of the next generation stroller, the Bugaboo Bee in mid April 2010. Building on the success of the original model, the stroller, benefits from substantial improvements in functionality and design.

Continuous innovation and quality are of vital importance to Bugaboo and the brand’s unparalleled insight and knowledge of the market, alongside feedback from their customers resulted in the launch of this next generation stroller.

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