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Polaroid Cameras are Back in Fashion

Apparently Polaroid cameras are making something of a comeback, with a little help from Lady Gaga who is the new face of the brand. When I read the story it really brought the memories flooding back. 

As a young teenager, I recall very vividly standing in front of a display cabinet in my local chemist shop, gazing longingly at the big black Polaroid camera which stood pride of place. To me, already a keen amateur photographer, it was the ultimate camera. Just think about it, a camera that allowed you to take a picture and print it out seconds later! There were no digital cameras in those days, so the fact that a photo could be printed instantly added real magic to the product.

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Use Fat from your Derriere to Plump up your Face?

Not so long ago, the idea that our aged, adult bodies contained huge numbers of stem cells which could regenerate our bodies and grow young tissue seemed like science fiction.

Cells with this kind of power, it was thought, had to be harvested from embryos created in the lab or left over from fertility treatment. They were rare, precious and extremely controversial.

But this week doctors have revealed how they are taking stem cells from adults and using them to repair faulty hearts. Those stem cells came from blood vessels. But there is another, perhaps surprising, source of stem cells - our own fat.


Angellica Bell Challenges the Nation to Eat Grapefruits Rather than Greasy Fry Ups

29th April 2010 – Raw, squeezed or even in a smoothie, children are missing out on vital vitamins as 59%* of parents find it difficult to include the recommended daily five pieces of fruit and vegetables in the family diet.


A staggering 88% of busy mums admit they have to opt for a ‘quick fix’ burger or pizza instead of preparing a meal with fresh fruit and vegetables. Half (53%) of time-pressed mums say home and work pressures leaves them little time to create home cooked meals research commissioned by Florida grapefruit reveals.

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NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier is Helpful for Preterm Babies Requiring Kangaroo Mother Care

New studies show Kangaroo Mother Care, where mothers serve as human incubators for their newborns, is one of the most effective ways to save the lives of preterm babies. This low-cost intervention could help the millions of babies worldwide who are born preterm. NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap baby carrier provides several benefits for preterm babies requiring Kangaroo Mother Care.

Boulder, CO (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 29, 2010 -- New research recently published in a supplement to the International Journal of Epidemiology shows Kangaroo Mother Care is one of the most effective ways to save preterm babies. NAP, Inc. – – one of the most established and reputable baby wrap companies in North America has been consistently dedicated to providing babies and parents with the highest quality, best fitting and safest wearable baby carriers. NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap baby carrier also is helpful for preterm babies requiring Kangaroo Mother Care.

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Dream a Little Dream with Me!

Like most mums, I'm always dreaming about how I'd love to decorate my children's bedrooms if only I had the funds to indulge. 

Tara has wanted a purple bedroom for 6 years now, Sarah has wanted pink and Jack has hankered for blue. So what did I do? I settled on ivory, telling the children it was magical elephant tusk colour and the magic part was that it matched any curtains or duvet covers. ;)

Well, I still dream, but something I've noticed over the years is that ever since Tara was born, butterflies and butterfly images seem to be attracted to her. For instance, many of her baby clothes tended to have a little butterfly imprint somewhere on them and this has continued to be the case as she has grown. We even call her our little butterfly and during summer months butterflies seem to follow her around the garden, with one even landing on the palm of her outstretched hand one day. Magic...

Having finished off the housework and noticing how bland the children's bedrooms are looking, I decided to do a bit of fantasy browsing online today, and I've just seen the most beautiful bed that would be oh so perfect for her. Look at this adorable butterfly bed. I'd love to see her face if she walked into her bedroom and that bed was awaiting her!

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Horizontal Stripes Proved to Flatter

Horizontal Stripes are Flattering After All

Horizontal striped maternity and nursing topWallingford – April 2010 Everyone who has been pregnant knows that as much as you can love your bump, it can make you feel large and frumpy at times. Dressing to make yourself feel like the gorgeous, blossoming woman you are is not always easy. Knowing whether to wear patterns, stripes, or blocks of colour to flatter your new figure can be a bit of a minefield and many of us revert back to wearing black, black, black.

The accepted wisdom from fashion gurus is that an outfit with vertical stripes appears to elongate your figure by drawing the eye up and down. But recent research has proved that in fact, the opposite is true and horizontal stripes are the most flattering for anyone with a less than perfect physique.

Dr Peter Thompson, a psychologist and expert in visual perception at the University of York, studied this phenomenon and concluded that “horizontal stripes don’t make you look fatter”.

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Amby Nature's Nest: The Original Hammock Style Cot

Amby Natures Nest The Amby Nature's Nest is celebrating 20 years of being thousands of parents first choice of bed for their babies. Parents worldwide agree, the design and natural movements give baby optimal reassurance and maximum comfort.

Especially beneficial for babies that suffer with colic, reflux or just generally fussy sleepers.

The Nest is suitable from birth to 12 months, totally portable and comes with a free travel bag.

Create a stress free bedtime wherever you are.

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Endorsements - A Little Piece of Paper Paradise

27th April 2010: Anyone looking for beautiful, unusual, high quality wrapping paper online, need look no further than


Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or anniversary, Funky Wrapping has something for every occasion. The standard, premium, luxury, children’s and eco ranges of paper and accessories make this an online shopper’s dream.  

For your best friend’s birthday the retro ‘Charm and Glamour’ wrapping paper, combined with striking blue and steel wired organza ribbon and a matching tag looks stunning and is bang on-trend.

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Women - Forget Bikini Perfection, ‘Super Bodies’ are in for Spring 2010

Brits snub diets for foods that fight off flu


April 2010: One of the UK’s coldest winters has prompted 88% of women to fill their shopping baskets with ‘super fruits’ to help fight off illnesses, rather than buying fad diet foods, a new survey reveals.


In fact, men are now the biggest ‘calorie counters’ with 85% purposely eating foods low in sugar in order to stay in shape. This compares with only 24% of women who feel a diet should be based on low fat foods.


Research commissioned by the Florida Department of Citrus discovered the nation has ditched the dreaded diet with 86% stating that a healthy immune system to fight illness is the ultimate super body goal and is more important than losing weight.

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