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New Kangol Sun Hats for Kids - Thoughtfully Designed with Fashion in Mind!

Like most mums these days, I am very aware of the dangers of sunburn and try to protect my children from excess sun exposure by applying sun cream, covering up exposed areas of skin and getting the kids to wear sun hats. So, as you can imagine, I was more than pleased to be asked to test and give my opinion on the brand new range of wonderful Kangol sun hats for kids for Spring/Summer 2010.

Kangol, a popular and well-respected company, recognise that kids need sun hats, but unlike some other brands, they don't take a one size fits all attitude. As a result, their hats are available in varying sizes for children aged from 2 to 10 - so whatever age your child is, you are pretty sure to find the hat you want in the size you need!

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11th May 2010: We all know how easy it is to be ethical and eco-friendly in the kitchen, bathroom and garden, well now you can do it in the bedroom too with the launch of


This unique one-stop shop is dedicated to selling eco, ethical and organic sexy bedroom treats that are saucy for you and good for the environment.


Say goodbye to sweatshop manufactured lingerie and lubes made of nasty paraben filled chemicals, and hello to gorgeous flirty fair-trade underwear (his and hers), 100% biodegradable rose petals, organic sensual massage oil and natural soy wax candles. 

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Supermodel to Front (BUGABOO)Red Campaign to Help Generate Funds for the Global Fund

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova is fronting the (BUGABOO)RED campaign, shot by Mary McCartney, to raise awareness and help generate funds for the Global Fund, an international organization dedicated to combating AIDS in Africa. 

Since last autumn, Bugaboo has an ongoing commitment to contribute 1% of all its revenue to the Global Fund - and this campaign, with its symbolic red silk, takes the positive message to the world.

Launched in 1999, Bugaboo is renowned for its innovative and groundbreaking designs and is the first of the (RED)TM partners to contribute 1% of total revenue to the Global Fund, helping to fund AIDS programmes in Africa.  Bugaboo feels passionately about encouraging and facilitating mobility all over the globe, from mothers and children in Europe to Africa.

Natalia Vodianova Interview, conducted by Oliver Bennett, London March 12th 2010 

Natalia_Bugaboo It is like some glorious Renaissance painting bought to life. Yards of billowing red silk draped over Bugaboo strollers, several naked gurgling babies on the fabric, celebrity photographer Mary McCartney making sense of this cheerful chaos - and in the centre, as serene as Venus rising from the waves, supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

Fresh from successfully completing her first half-marathon in Paris, Natalia is enjoying herself immensely at this special shoot for Bugaboo (PRODUCT)RED™ - the collaboration between  Bugaboo, the mobility company, and (RED)™, the initiative established to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. “Actually, it’s a bit dangerous for me,” she jokes. “I’m always broody around children.  They’re so cute and adorable.”

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Breastfeeding Mums Newsletter - Issue 1

Finally, I produced Breastfeeding Mums very first newsletter! For years now I've been thinking about having one and for years I've know it is possibly the most important thing I can do in terms of attracting repeat visitors to let them know about all the new developments happening on

However, as I said, at long last I've done it. At the moment it's just a web page version, but my next step is to make it available via email subscriptions so that I can notify subscribers about each new issue. I haven't yet decided whether it will be a weekly or monthly newsletter - although at the moment I'm thinking weekly is the way to go. :)

Anyway, if you'd like to guest post, contribute your own stories, photos or relevant articles (and by that I mean articles that will appeal to mothers!), then please email me and I'll get back to you asap!

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Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel Ends the Hunt for Long-Lost Shoes

Rakkiddo-shoe-wheel Parents around the UK are in a spin about the benefits of the Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel.

An innovative way to hold all kinds of footwear, the Rakkiddo securely and safely stores up to 20 pairs of kids’ shoes.

“I lost count of the number of mornings I spent searching under the sofa for my daughter’s trainers, ballet pumps and school shoes,” says Glendon Lloyd, co-founder of and father of three.

Co-founder of Mark Jennings, who also has three children, agrees: “The Rakkiddo has made the mad rush to get the kids ready for school so much easier.”

The Rakkiddo is available in pink, white and blue at £57.95 from

Fancy a Kug of Tea or Coffee Anyone?

Kug Ad from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

This is cool, or maybe I should say hot! The Kug, a sort of cross between a cup and a kettle, has been developed with arthritis sufferers in mind by two aspiring young entrepreneurs, Ben Millett, 21, and Alan Harrison, 22.

However, wouldn't it also be perfect for just about anyone who wants to make a quick cup of something hot without having to boil a nearly full kettle of water? (I'm thinking about all those busy breastfeeding and even non-breastfeeding mums out there who often don't have much time for tea-drinking!)

When I was breastfeeding, I was constantly thirsty and always had a glass of water by my side. However, sometimes I just craved a quick cuppa but was all too often sidetracked and found myself endlessly reboiling my kettle between seeing to baby and trying to get around to actually making my drink. Many a cup of tea and coffee nearly got made!

A Kug would have been simply perfect. 90 seconds heat up time and my drink would have been ready.

I can just see Kugs taking off in just about everyone's life; in my mind's eye I see them sitting on desks all over the world; sitting on bedside tables ready for that morning cuppa before getting out of bed; sitting in cars so mums can have a wee drink whist they wait for their kids to exit school... The list could go on and on!

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