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28 Instant Songames: Fun-Filled Activities for Kids Aged 3 to 8

Last week a small package landed on our doorstep, a small package that has brought so much fun into our home that I wish it had landed about 7 years ago when my eldest daughter would have been three.

What was contained within? 28 Instant Songames, that's what!

28 Instant Songames is an audio cd and 48 page booklet full of very addictive fun songs, sounds and activities for young children.

What really surprised me was just how quickly my son showed his enthusiasm for it. Having listened to it just once after returning from nursery, he was desperately keen to listen again and chatted about it the whole way over to his 6 year old sister's school as we went to collect her! Upon arriving home he put it on again for her to listen to. His enthusiasm for it obviously rubbed off on her because she was then dying to share it with her older sister!

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Mother Aborts Baby After Suffering Severe Morning Sickness

I'm pro-life but was very moved by a story I've just read in the Mail Online. 

The article details how one mother chose to have an abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy, despite desperately wanting her unborn baby, because she was suffering so badly from a severe form of morning sickness, known as hyemesis gravidarium, that she felt termination was the only solution. The condition left her so debilitated that she was unable to properly care for her young daughter or see to her needs.

Having suffered from dreadful morning sickness throughout all three of my pregnancies, thankfully it was never so bad that I ever considered taking any form of action besides ensuring I didn't get dehydrated and trying to get as much rest as possible, which eased my symptoms somewhat.

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Pensions: a Good Alternative to CTFs

Following the coalition Government’s decision to stop Child Trust Fund accounts being opened from January 2011, Shelagh Hamer, pension specialist at NFU Mutual, explains why pensions could be a good alternative for investing in a child’s future. 

“CTFs are a great tax-free way to encourage parents to save for their child’s future, but many forget they can also set up a Children’s Stakeholder Pension to help save towards their retirement.

“Anyone who has a vested interest in a child’s future can set one up and start contributing straight away. Many schemes require a minimum investment of £20 a month, but with the NFU Mutual Stakeholder you can invest as little or as much as you want up to a maximum of £3,600 a year gross; that’s £2,400 more than the CTF Scheme allows.

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Relax Kids - A Fun Way to Help Children Cope with Everyday Stress

We all experience stress in our every day lives to varying degrees. However, it's only as my children have grown older that I've begun looking at how stress manifests in them and how they deal with it.

With my eldest daughter, I find that most of the time she manages to cope fairly well by just shrieking at her siblings to just leave her alone; however, it's the times that she really screams at them and then races up the stairs in a foul temper that most concerns me. It's at these times that I become vividly aware of the fact that she doesn't really cope very well at all under extreme stress and it makes me wonder how she'll keep it together when she is older.

Of course, it's not just my 10 year old who experiences episodes of stress and anger; it happens with my younger children too and it appears to happen to the children of many of my friends.

As parents we need to be there for our children and it's important, I think, to teach them stress-coping and anger management strategies.

Stress is difficult enough to cope with when you're an adult but when stress turns to anger the results can be very destructive for everyone involved. 

In my case, when I find my daughter weeping on her bed after one of these anger outbursts my heart breaks. When questioned about what has made her so angry her response is usually that she doesn't know. Other times she tells me her brother or sister were just really annoying her and she needed them to be quiet - or she simply needed to get away from them. Much of it is probably hormonal as she approaches her teenage years, but since she's always been a fairly highly-strung (for want of a better phrase) child, I've realised it's time to work that little bit harder at helping her.

And I've just come across what appears to be an interesting and very promising programme: Relax Kids.

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Scar Tactics – Kelo-Cote to the Rescue!

Doctor’s Choice Kelo-cote® Now Available For Every Day Scar Treatment

The effectiveness and safety of silicone gel in the treatment and prevention of scars is well documented[1].  Studies have shown that Doctors’ choice Kelo-cote® in particular should be introduced as part of your daily routine to improve scars, old and new, whether as a result of surgery, a burn or an accident.

On the market for several years as a first choice for Doctors and Surgeons when treating and managing scars and burns, Kelo-cote® is the only clinically proven option chosen by health care professionals.  Now available over-the-counter in pharmacies and on the web, the brand is broadening its reach to anyone who has a scar or burn mark, who doesn’t need to visit their doctor or hospital and who wants to self treat and reduce and, preferably, improve the appearance of the scar.

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Create Beautiful Memories with Jelly Kitten Maypole Pony from Online Nursery Shop Hello Baby

Jelly Kitten Maypole Pony Maybe it's the recent hot weather here, or maybe it's just the ages our children have reached, but the bickering that has been going on lately has been almost unbearable! 

However, I think I may have stumbled across a solution...

In the school my children attend they have a reward for good behaviour and hard work every week; it's known as the merit. A child from each class who is particularly well-behaved, works exceptionally hard or who simply does something out of the ordinary is presented at weekly assembly with a merit badge; they then own and wear it for a week. 

The badge shows the child and their peers that they are appreciated for whatever it is that they have done and for the other children in the class it is something for them to work towards. In addition, the weekly winners of the merit also get extra responsibilities, such as standing at the head of the dinner line, running errands for their teacher and so on - all the little things that children like doing!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was asked by online nursery shop Hello Baby if I'd like to review any of their products. I was a little hesitant to begin with as most of their product range is aimed at young families, so I wasn't sure I'd be in a position to give an honestly tested opinion. 

However, whilst browsing their website, one little product stood out for me. As most of you will probably know, it's hard to go wrong with cuddly toys - and the Jelly Kitten Maypole Pony really caught my eye. My children adore their soft toys; even my eldest still brings her "mummy" Tigger to bed with her every night! Jelly Kitten Maypole Pony seemed perfect - the only question now was who would I give it to for my testing?

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Dawn Chorus: Birdsong - Free Sounds of the Morning

Download birdsong-sample.mp3 (19034.8K)

Most agree; there's no sound on earth quite so beautiful as that of the Dawn Chorus - pure birdsong, composed by Mother Nature, unique each and every day!

The Dawn Chorus is the perfect background noise for relaxation and to help keep you focused in the workplace, home, classroom and car.

Babies and children also benefit from birdsong, especially at bedtime when the soft twittering of the birds eases them into a gentle sleep.

What's more is that bird song is proven to make you feel closer to nature throughout the day; everytime you listen you'll feel your tension slip away and your feel-good levels rise!

Unfortunately, most of us rarely get to hear this most amazing of sounds every single morning - as we're either fast asleep in our beds or the sound is drowned out by the double glazed windows and thickly insulated walls of our homes!

However, all is not lost.

We've recorded the Dawn Chorus in an urban environment and you can listen to it free - right here, right now!

What are you waiting for?

Duration: 20 minutes of urban bird song recorded during the Dawn Chorus!

Download birdsong-sample.mp3 (19034.8K)

We'll soon be releasing a series of full length versions of the dawn chorus which will be available for sale on mp3.

If you'd like to be kept notified as to when these are available, just send an email entitled Bird Song to Sinead[at]