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Inoa by L'Oreal - Will it Work?

I'm one of those people who, having had my hair coloured for years, took a reaction last time resulting in a very itchy, lumpy scalp for several days afterwards. This terrified me as I've heard of people losing their hair or having a very severe reaction causing facial swelling and so on. 

As you can imagine, I've been very hesitant to go back for more, but since the odd grey hair is making it's appearance I don't really have a choice but to get it coloured. (And yes, I know there's a grey model out there who's aiming to make it fashionable, but frankly, I'm not ready for that quite yet!)

Well, I faced a dilemma - whether or not to risk another reaction if anyone would colour it for me, but thankfully, after a bit of searching around, I've discovered that there's a new product available in selected salons called Inoa, an ammonia-free permanent hair colour by the masters of haircare, L'Oreal. Having had a patch test in one of the salons using it, thankfully I didn't suffer a reaction, so tomorrow I'm off to get the full works.

I'm dying (excuse the pun!) to see the results as at the moment my hair is over-bleached, brittle and just horrible. It's going to cost a small fortune compared to what I usually pay so I'm hoping it looks good - if it does, I'll post a pic!

Let me know about any hair experiences you've had, good or bad, in the comments below!

Axa Car Insurance Respect on the Road Campaign Launched

I Respect the Road, Do You?

AXA Car Insurance have just launched AXA Respect On The Road, an initiative aimed at young drivers whose inexperience and lack of respect for other road users shows itself all too often behind the wheel. 

Axa respect on the road  The intention behind the initiative is to try to bring respect and courtesy for other drivers back to British roads. As many of us will recognise, very often inexperienced drivers show themselves up by behaving atrociously behind the wheel and behaving in ways they normally wouldn't if they weren't driving. 

As part of the campaign Axa has created a Facebook Fanpage for the public to debate and discuss the issues they see as most important to the campaign. They've also created a YouTube video (see above), acted by 5 year olds who are imitating behaviour they have witnessed from their parents. Axa have also made a series of Cab Cam videos (see below) where the public have voiced their opinions about road rage.

I'm excited by this initiative as I have personally witnessed dreadful and dangerous behaviour on three occasions in the last year or so. 

Near where we live there is a three lane road which is often used as a racing track by young male drivers. On a recent trip outwith my husband and with our three small children in the back two young men, driving actual racing cars, overtook us. We were in the single inside lane meaning one was driving alongside us on the outside lane facing on-coming traffic, whilst the other was on his outside; in effect three cars all travelling in one direction! I can only imagine the sheer terror felt by drivers on the opposite side of the road who were having to swerve off the road to avoid a multi-car pile up. I was absolutely shaking afterwards and felt sick as I realised what could have happened to us all had just one on-coming driver not taken immediate evasive action.

On another occasion, as I pulled out of a country side road, a young woman came racing up the hill and with her car full of friends started cursing at me and shaking her fist. I had done nothing wrong at all but she had almost caused an accident and obviously decided it looked cool to lose her temper rather than smile apologetically for speeding on a side road and almost causing an accident in the process.

On numerous occasions I've been sitting at traffic lights as people started blowing their horns if the person in front was just seconds late in moving off when the lights changed and I've also had people tailgate me for keeping to the speed limit! 

So, I welcome Axa's attempts to try to end this unacceptable behaviour. I've no doubt many of the people I've seen would be perfectly courteous if they bumped into someone in person, but for some reason, when in a car, they become almost alien!

Check out Axa's Respect on the Road website where you can find out more about the campaign, take part in surveys, share your own experiences and read about some of the ways people behave when they're driving their cars. And don't forget to show you respect the road by clicking the Like button if you're on Facebook and sharing this campaign with all your friends.

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Innovative BabyDam makes Bathing Baby a Pleasure not a Chore

BabyDam ducks and toddler  On 21st September, BabyDam is launching its latest design in the UK. This innovative product turns a family bath into a baby's bath in seconds.

BabyDam Bathwater Barrier is a strong and robust bath divider for babies that allows you to fill just a section of the family bath, therefore saving valuable time, water and energy – approx 10 litres of water is saved with each bath using this product*.

Suitable from birth until your child is a toddler, BabyDam turns your family bath into your baby’s bath, taking the hassle out of bath times and allowing you to enjoy an even greater bonding experience with your baby.

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Stagecoach Investigation proves Breastfeeding Complaint against Bus Driver is Untrue

A few weeks ago I re-posted a story which had appeared in many media outlets throughout the world reporting how a young mother claimed she'd been verbally abused and thrown off a Stagecoach bus for breastfeeding her 6 week old baby. Well, it turns out she lied.

Naturally, I've removed my post, but it infuriates me that any woman would actually make up such a story. Obviously all she has done is damage, perhaps irreparably, the reputation of the coach company not to mention her own reputation too. She has also no doubt caused a huge amount of anxiety and stress for the driver of the coach as he waited to see the outcome. Indeed, she has also exploited just how easy it is nowadays to spread damaging stories worldwide.

Anyway, following an official investigation by Stagecoach into the story, I've just received the following statement which I'm very happy to share:

A Stagecoach spokesman said: "We expect a very high standard of customer service from our drivers. When this accusation was made, we immediately took steps to determine the circumstances involved and were fully prepared to take the necessary action had one of our drivers been at fault. 

"Rest assured, had any of our drivers spoken to a customer in the manner alleged in this case, they would have faced serious disciplinary consequences. However, the on-board CCTV footage does not support the events described by the customer in this case and, along with the use of voice-enabled technology, this has demonstrated that the driver was in no way at fault. 

"Fortunately, we have been able to prevent a situation where a member of staff could have faced serious consequences over allegations which have turned out not to be true. For the record, we fully support breastfeeding mothers and we are perfectly happy for them to do so on our buses."