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3 French hensOn the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me ... Stop! Three French Hens! Can you just imagine how you might respond if your loved one presented you with three French hens for Christmas?

Thankfully, for me that's not likely and for my hubby, the gift I've chosen for him this winter season is the loveliest Charcoal Wool Rich Coat from Next.

Although I'd intended giving it to him for his birthday (which falls on Boxing Day), given the recent cold snowy weather here, I ended up giving him his new coat a few weeks early!

Despite the fact that he now has nothing fancy to look forward to from me on his special day, he's absolutely thrilled with it and says he's never had such a warm coat and as someone who is what we call cold-blooded, ie feels the coal more than most, that's saying a lot. He looks really cosy and very stylish heading into the office every morning this week!

Visit to see more of their fabulous jackets for men - you never know, you might just end up buying one for your true love too!

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