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Guest Post: Pregnancy - Know Which Vitamins and Minerals You Need

Discover the Most Important Component of Prenatal Vitamins

by ljuben Georgiev

Today, pregnancy and prenatal vitamins go hand in hand. When a woman gets pregnant, she is usually advised by her doctor to take multivitamins for pregnancy. These are specially formulated dietary supplements that are designed to support the diet of pregnant women. They provide some of the most important micronutrients that play important roles for the healthy development of the fetus and to ensure that mothers will not suffer from vitamin deficiency.

All prenatal vitamins contain different micronutrients and minerals. However, you need to take note that these vitamins are not created equal. So how can you determine if a given supplement is right for you? Here are some guidelines that can help you.

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Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo

Miranda kerr breastfeeding Another celebrity breastfeeding mum!

Miranda Kerr, wife of actor Orlando Bloom, has been photographed by her husband breast feeding her adorable new baby boy, Flynn.

Breastfeeding her son whilst lying on her side, the image illustrates one of the more popular breastfeeding positions often adopted by new mothers, particularly during night time feeds or following c-sections.

It's a lovely image showing a very contented looking mother and baby and will hopefully inspire a few more mums to try breastfeeding for themselves!


18th JANUARY 2011: A new, beautifully illustrated basic guide to baby signing, Signing Hands: Baby Signing Basics, is out now ( and is a ‘must have book’ for all parents.

A finalist for ‘Most Innovative Baby Product 2010’ at The Baby Show for Trade, the book has been produced in collaboration with leading British Sign Language author, Cath Smith, and experienced baby signing teachers.

Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics not only gives parents first signs to get started with, but includes tips for success from experienced baby signing teachers as well as crucial development information and what to expect from your baby.


Guest Post: How to Eat for Two in a Healthy Way

When a woman gets pregnant, it is normal that she should prepare for the nourishment of her baby. This means that she should be eating the right amount of food in order to balance the needs of her body and that of her baby. In this regard, the term eating for two comes to play. But this does not mean you have to double up on everything that you normally take to do the job, and this does not suggest that you eat a lot of fat inducing foods like sweets. This means you have to add some extra calories to your diet to make sure your baby is properly nourished.

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Guest Post - Mum's Milk in the Sky: Back off My Breast Milk

By  Sojourner Marable Grimmett

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) back off the boob milk. I’m not sure if I want my breast milk sliding through your radioactive x-ray scanning device anyway.

After being away from our youngest son for three days, I had to pump in order to maintain my milk supply. I had never carried breast milk through an airport security checkpoint before, and was a little apprehensive that security would ask me to throw away my precious cargo.

I prepared myself for the worst. I couldn’t imagine them trashing my containers of breast milk out like heavy scented body lotion, perfume, or hairspray, let alone insulting me and putting them in the same category as those products. Tossing out breast milk would be like trashing platinum or gold!

I stood in line holding  my bags of milk and a printout copy of TSA’s guidelines for "traveling with formula, breast milk and juice." One of my storage bags was black and the other bag stood out, a deep red color with bright fuchsia stripes.  I have no idea where my sister, Malaika, got that bag.

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