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Mother and daughter YuuWaa, the online data storage expert, today announced that the common loss of digital family photos is causing sorrow amongst British mums.

The survey of 1,200 mothers throughout Europe, found that 59 per cent felt sad over the loss of irretrievable digital memories which may cause their children to grow up with fewer photographs of their childhood.

Compared to a decade ago, the amount of digital data a family accumulates through the use of modern devices has all but eclipsed paper and video cassette recorders (VCR), rendering the family album ‘retro’.


‘Ideal Mum of the Year’ returns for the 2011 Ideal Home Show


Ideal mum of the year 2011 ‘Ideal Mum of the Year’ returns for the 2011 Ideal Home Show 

-Shower your Mum with luxury gifts from Elemis and the Hilton Kensington-

Why wait until Mother’s Day to say thank you when you can spoil her now?

Do you know a Mum who always defies the odds and overcomes any task to look after her family? If so then we want to hear from you.

Back for 2011, the Ideal Home Show, running 11th – 27th March in London’s Earls Court, is searching for fabulous women to take part in the‘Ideal Mum of the Year competition’. The competition celebrates hardworking modern day mums, and this year’s search aims to seek out those extraordinary super-women who manage to juggle work, life and parenting in order to satisfy their families’ needs.

The competition offers families around the country a chance to say thank you to the most important lady in their life and to give them a well-earned break with gifts from luxury brand, Elemis, the Hilton Kensington and Windle & Moodie salon.

This can be your own Mum, or an Auntie, Friend or Grandma that you feel deserves the title of ‘Ideal Mum of the Year 2011.’

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New Children’s Publisher Launches 

The Three Little Pigs App for iPad

London, For Immediate Release: Nosy Crow, a new children’s book and app publisher in London, has launched a highly innovative app for iPad™, The Three Little Pigs. This is the first in a series of 3-D Fairy Tale apps from Nosy Crow for children ages 4 and up. It will be available on the App Store starting February 17, 2011.

The Three Little Pigs app takes full advantage of the iPad’s technical capabilities to create a unique reading experience. It features sophisticated animation, original interactive music, child narrators and hundreds of interactive touch points. Children tap the screen to make the pigs talk, spin into the air and build their homes of straw, sticks and bricks. They use the microphone to help the wolf blow down the houses. What’s more, as children tilt the iPad, the screen perspective changes to reveal hidden details and more of the scene.

“We aren’t squashing books that already exist onto tablets,” says Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow. “As publishers with decades of storytelling experience, we’ve created a new way for children to learn to explore and read stories. The Three Little Pigs app is fun, surprising, educational and worth reading again and again.”


Guest Post: Swaddle That Baby!

As a new mom I was completely clueless as to what I would actually need for my baby during the first few months of his life. Luckily, I have several friends who have gone before me and were able to provide me with one specific baby accessory that I now consider a personal lifesaver! The swaddling blanket has proved to be one of the single best things for my newborn whether he is starting to get a little fussy, tired, or hungry. Even though the practice of swaddling newborn babies has been going on for centuries, it often has been lost on modern culture.

Fortunately, you don't have to go on a crazed shopping spree to try to find some outdated swaddling cloth, because today baby stores everywhere have many types of swaddling blankets available. These blankets are specially designed and sized to comfortably wrap around a newborn's body from their shoulders to their feet. Many blankets have little flaps that are first wrapped around the infant's limbs before the rest of the blanket is wrapped around their body. This makes it so that they feel more secure and are less likely to "get out" of the blanket. Even though swaddling your baby may not sound like something you want to do, here are a few reasons why I recommend it.

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