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Press Release: Child safety experts in appeal for help with online survey

Experts at Loughborough University are appealing for help with a project designed to improve safety for children travelling in cars.

Academics at the University’s Transport Safety Research Centre (TSRC) are asking parents and carers who ferry children around by car to complete an online survey.

The anonymous survey will contribute to CASPER (Child Advanced Safety Project for European Roads), a Europe-wide project to develop better child restraints.

It asks drivers about their experiences with child car seats and seat belts.

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Guest Post: 3 Breastfeeding Questions to Answer While You’re Still Pregnant

There’s no shortage to tasks that need accomplishing to prepare for a new baby when you’re pregnant. Breastfeeding preparation can get pushed aside as seemingly unneccessary as a priority (it comes natural, right?) but doing so can harm your chances of sticking with one the most important decisions you can make for your child. As the long used adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Be ready to breastfeed by answering (and acting upon the answers) of the following breastfeeding questions, and breathe a sigh of relief about getting some very big steps out of the way for preparing for your baby.

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21st Century Baby Blues!

Screaming and chucking the toys out of the pram – and that’s just the parents…

 ·  First 24 months following childbirth are the most stressful time of our lives

 ·  Changing nappies, choosing baby names and interfering in-laws drive us to distraction

The first two years following childbirth are the most stressful years of our lives – that’s the verdict of a new study which suggests that the first 24 months following a first born witness more bickering and marital strife than at any other time across the course of a lifetime. 

The survey of 2000 British parents with children under the age of 16, was specially commissioned to mark the DVD release of ‘Life As We Know It’ out on Monday 28thMarch. This lighthearted rom-com starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, explores the hilarious calamities of unexpected parenthood when the couple are left to bring up their best friends’ child and quickly realise that they must juggle careers and social calendars whilst setting their differences aside.

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Pregnancy-related depression is not just confined to after the baby’s birth, but can begin during pregnancy, according to the Mother and Baby Unit at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). 

A study recently published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that women who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth are more likely to suffer from depression during and after subsequent pregnancies. 

SLaM’s Mother and Baby Unit regularly sees women who have developed depression during pregnancy or a relapse of a serious mental illness triggered by becoming pregnancy. 



Silverburn is playing host to an authentic Italian market from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th April.

Featuring the finest Italian foods including cheese, salami, olives, Sicilian arancini, cannoli and calzoni: the market will also have on sale delicious olive oils and a selection of balsamic vinegars as well as pastries and handmade sweets.

The Italians are famed for their exquisite taste in stylish accessories and so the market will also have on display a selection of stunning Murano glass pendants and rings.

David Pierotti, Silverburn’s centre director, is delighted to host a taste of Italy at Silverburn.

David commented: ”We strive to create a dynamic shopping experience at Silverburn by presenting visitors with the unexpected.  This is a delicious addition to the Silverburn offer and we are confident that it will be appreciated by those who share the Italian passion for food as well as style.”

For opening hours, log on to


Guest Post: Breastfeeding through pregnancy – is it possible?

Mothers who are expecting again while still nursing an older child, or who are thinking about how to get pregnant without weaning, might wonder whether breastfeeding through pregnancy is at all possible. If you are breastfeeeding a toddler, the recommendation to wean as soon as possible might well be dominant. Nursing beyond infancy is still outside of the norm. The short answer is that breastfeeding through pregnancy is possible, but perhaps not for every mother.

If you would like to nurse your older child throughout your pregnancy, here are some of the issues you may or may not encounter during your adventure.

Low supply

Many women find that, as soon as they get pregnant, their milk supply starts to dwindle. In fact, 70 percent of pregnant mothers will experience a significant reduction in their supply. This may lead to a frustrated child who wants to breastfeed all the time but is not getting much milk, and sore breasts (which is a one of a long list of pregnancy signs for most women anyway!). Some toddlers, especially those who don’t nurse much any more, will be completely content with a lower supply, and will be happy to still have access to their “num-nums”.

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Guest Post: Positive Habits Lead to Prolonged Dental Health

Their teeth may be little, but they’re still important. They need to be cared for and protected, first by you and then by them. It is worth the cost of getting your child dental insurance to cover the costs of preventative care. Your child will only get one set of permanent teeth, and he has to learn how to keep them safe and healthy.

Regular brushing is only the beginning of dental care. Your child should get in the habit of brushing teeth at least twice a day, if not three times a day. This starts by you physically brushing her teeth for her. It progresses to you supervising as he brushes them, and then they get to brush their pearly whites all on their own.

• Tip – Make brushing fun by letting your child choose a brush she adores.
• Tip – Electric toothbrushes actually are more effective, they’re not expensive, and kids get a kick out of them.

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Product Review: Babyroyale Luxury Baby Blanket

Babyroyale baby blanket Perhaps one of the most memorable moments after giving birth is when the baby is carefully passed over to the exhausted but exhilarated new mother. I know it was that way for me and whilst initially my babies were bare and snuggled close to my body, after that first cuddle and bonding time, I was happy to hand them back to be dressed in a babygro and then presented to me wrapped in a baby blanket looking and smelling wonderful.

Prior to each of their births, I remember packing each of my babies bags with great care, making sure to include a small fresh blanket for each. However, those little blankets were not the best quality and it was only in hindsight that I realised my babies had been wrapped in horrible acrylic blankets which really didn't allow air to circulate very well or cater to their tender skin.

However, since those very blankets were widely sold, I didn't think to look further afield.

How things change...

It was with delight that I received the most gorgeous little Babyroyale luxury baby blanket for review just a few days ago. Immediately upon opening the package I was impressed not just by the softness of the blanket but by the look and size of it too.

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Guest Post: The Baby Stroller Fitness Craze is Sweeping the Land

Staying fit as a mom has its challenges. Of course, this is nothing new to any mom out there who maybe has traded in her gym equipment for a baby stroller.

Yet with a little ingenuity a resourceful mom out with the kids can adapt. Believe it or not there is a new fitness craze sweeping the land that utilizes the stroller – even a Bumbleride Indie twin -- as a fitness device. Classes are springing up everywhere that promise to whip new moms into shape while keeping baby entertained in the process.

"The idea is to use the stroller as a piece of fitness equipment and doing exercises that actually rely on the stroller, or workouts that can be done while your baby is in the stroller," says Lisa Druxman, founder of San Diego-based Stroller Strides.

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Guest Post: Should Your Youngster Have a Laptop?

One of the interesting aspects I found in Christmas shopping for youngsters this year was the large selection of toddler's first computers. I was amazed at what a young age these little ones are now being exposed to technology, even by way as something considered as  entertainment, being introduced as a child's toy.  I have to admit though it did get me thinking as to the pros and cons of this and enticed me to do a little research. Here are some of my thoughts on laptops for little ones.

Too much too soon?

My first reaction was my goodness, can we not just let them be kids for a little while? Then upon looking closer at these first laptops I realized that they are quite entertaining. There are some excellent learning opportunities even from a toddler's age that is being offered through them. With all the children's activities that can be found on the net it opens up doors for kids that may not otherwise have access to these types of venues.

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