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Press Release: Dads Get Anxious Too!

Helping Dads Cope with Immunisation Anxiety   

When taking children for their routine immunisations, it is often dads who have to be brave when mums find it all too stressful! But dads, particularly if they are one of the 10% of the population with a needle phobia, can be anxious about taking their children for routine child immunisations too.

Emla, from AstraZeneca, helps to reduce the pain of the needle by numbing the skin. A topical anaesthetic cream which is available over the counter from pharmacies, Emla is applied an hour in advance of the procedure and is the only numbing product approved for use on even the very smallest babies – from full-term birth.

Emla is available in an ‘all in one’ pack from your pharmacy, to help numb the pain of the needle during procedures such as childhood immunisations, minor skin procedures, blood tests and travel vaccinations. The pack includes two air-tight (‘occlusive’) plasters which need to be applied over the Emla cream, plus full instructions on the correct way to apply Emla. The handy pack is available from your local pharmacist for just £5.10.

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Boob sets the pace – now using more than 80 per cent greener materials

Boob makes clothes for pregnant and nursing women and their little babies. The trade mark stands for a high level of design, function and quality, as well as continuous efforts to produce garments with a minimum impact on the environment. In a very short time, Boob has reached a leading position when it comes to using a high proportion of alternative materials that are more environment-friendly. In just two years, Boob has increased the proportion of greener materials in the total production from 20 to 81 per cent.

Boob started in 1999, based on the idea of making life more comfortable, more beautiful, and less complicated for mothers and their newborn babies. By making clothes that are both stylish and functional, Boob has over and over again demonstrated that mothers don’t have to choose between comfort and design. At the same time, care for people and the environment has been at least as important. Boob wants to create better conditions for mothers and babies not just here and now, but also in the future. For Boob, it’s just as natural to reduce the environmental impact caused by the production of our clothes as it is to make garments that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.

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NCT Launches Parenting Iphone App

Okay, so what do you do when you’re out for the day, your baby needs changing, is crying up a storm, and you don’t know where the nearest baby changing rooms are? That’s where the beauty of the NCT’s new iPhone app comes into life.

NCT, the UK ’s largest parenting charity, has just launched the first interactive charity iPhone application for parents, ‘NCT Babychange’. It’s free to download and allows you to locate the nearest baby changing facility in the area, view its star rating, and then rate it for other parents to use.

The app already has over 5000 baby changing sites listed including supermarkets, train stations, shops, restaurants, libraries and local authorities(1) with the capacity to add more. 

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Guest Post: Why Winter Play Is Good For Kids

When the weather turns a little colder parents are often tempted to keep their kids inside the house. But kids who are used to lots of outdoor play may resent the change into couch potatoes. What's worse, they may grow to like being indoors and not want to go out at all. The truth is that letting your children play outside in winter is very good for them and keeps them from being glued to television screens all day long. Here are some other reasons why winter play is good for children.

Less Chance Of Infection

One of the reasons why people get winter colds, viruses and infections is because they spend too much time cooped up inside. Overheated, poorly ventilated spaces make it easy for germs and bacteria to spread. If it's a really cold winter, it's possible to go days or weeks without getting any fresh air. Recirculated air is a fertile breeding ground for bugs so if you want your children to avoid being ill during the winter let them go outside. Getting some fresh air gets your children away from all those shared germs so although it seems strange, it's actually a better idea to be out in the cold for a while instead of staying inside.

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Press Release: New online antenatal classes offer alternative to dwindling NHS education

Midwives are under increasing pressure when it comes to delivering antenatal classes to help women understand what to expect in pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenthood.

Budget and time pressures are making it difficult to deliver good antenatal education to all parents-to-be. In some areas there is no longer any NHS provision of antenatal classes, leaving mums-to-be to find out for themselves or pay for expensive private antenatal classes (the NCT course costs around £150).

However, thanks to two midwives with a passion for good antenatal education, and a mum who knows the difference it makes to labour, women everywhere can now access quality antenatal classes delivered by qualified midwives at an affordable price.

Antenatal Online ( has launched this month and features a variety of online videos which feature subjects including labour, birth, pain relief, relaxation, feeding and bathing. These can be watched over and over again and can be supplemented with one-to-one support from a midwife, the chance to chat online with other parents-to-be and a weekly midwife web chat.

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The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Service for children and young people has partnered with OCD Action to develop an innovative new website to provide information on OCD to young people and parents. 

The ‘OCD At School’ website aims to bring awareness of OCD into the school environment, helping educators to spot the signs of OCD and to provide support to pupils with the disorder.

SLaM and The City Bridge Trust worked with OCD Action to bring together educators, parents and young people with OCD to develop the OCD At School project.

Dr Isobel Heyman, head of SLaM’s OCD Service for children and adolescents, said the new website would provide advice to both young people with OCD, and their parents and teachers.

“OCD is a debilitating condition which affects around one per cent of young people under the age of 18 in the UK.  As the symptoms increase, OCD can consume the a young person’s daily life.  Peer and family relationships of often suffer and individuals may even become housebound or stop attending school,” Dr Heyman said.

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Product Review: Sequin Kitten Heel Mules at Pink Heaven

Sequin-mules As the mother of two beautiful daughters (and one son!) you might expect our house to be overcome with pink glittery things. Well, not quite as only one of my daughters has ever expressed an interest in the girly side of life and personally I've always been more of a tomboy myself - even as a child...

However, all is not lost since my second daughter is on a one girl quest to bring all things pink and shiny into our home!

She loves dolls, make-up, sparkly nail polish, fancy hairstyles, pretty clothes - you get the idea! So when online store Pink Heaven asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing a product from their fabulous range of pink products I had no hesitation in requesting the most adorable sequin kitten heel mules for my little princess, Sarah!

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Guest Post: Making Memories: 5 Reasons to Photograph Your Kids

Parents all know that a majority of young children think taking pictures are lame. They think it's a waste of time to pose, whether alone or with other people, simply to see what they would look like. But what they don't understand is that they won't stay little forever, and sometimes, pictures help us remember the awesome days of when they were little. Here are several main reasons why you should take pictures of the kids:

  1. Children Do Grow Up - Kids grow up too fast. One minute they're crawling, and then the next, they're running off to get married. Okay, so that was a bit extreme, but you know what I'm talking about. I'm a mother of two and already my kids are school. I don't get to see them all day like I used to. So taking pictures will help me remember my babies, when I age and can't remember a single thing.

  1. Appreciate Their Baby Years - We adults forget as we get older. What's most important is that we will want to remember things as they are. If I could go back in time to the days when my kids were wearing diapers, it would put me in a really happy place. I had so much fun then. I took pictures of them and I always go back to them seeing how wonderful we all were, and still are. Up until a few years ago, film cameras were how pictures were developed. In the age of technology, digital cameras make it so easy to take a lot of pictures and view them on my computer.

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