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Which Breastpump? Help!

When breastfeeding my last three babies I've always leaned heavily on my Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump which was absolutely fantastic, particularly during bouts of nasty mastitis to which I was prone. However, having recently discovered that Baby Number 4 is on the way :) I've decided that I'd like to treat myself to a nice new double breastpump and as it's been six years since my old one was last used I'm keen to upgrade!

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Product Review: The Three Little Pigs App by Nosy Crow

The three little pigs I was recently offered the opportunity to review The Three Little Pigs App by Nosy Crow. Having three computer savvy kids and not yet the proud owner of an iPad, I was more than happy to add it to my iPod Touch and let the children have a play.

Whist watching, and I must confess having a wee play with it myself, I was delighted to see how quickly all three children took to the game and how much fun they appeared to get from it. Not only that but the app definitely falls under the banner of educational, so there's no guilt on my behalf when the children are playing with it!

Tara, my 11 year old daughter, volunteered to put forward her thoughts on the game and here's what she had to say about it:

The Three Little Pigs app is a very good app with some amazing features. For example, if you tilt your ipod the app has a 3D effect and if you flick the characters with your fingetips they will do funny things like jump and flip!

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Guest Post: Quieting The Endless Cry: One Mother’s Battle With “Colic”

By Nikki Marlar

You don’t have to be a doctor or health professional to know when there’s something wrong with a child. Especially if that child is yours, and especially if they won’t stop crying. Soon after I brought my son home from the hospital I knew there was something wrong. At first I thought my postpartum jitters were getting the best of me like they did when I had my daughter. But something was different this time around. The “a lot of crying” was more like “all the time crying,” which eventually had me crying because nothing was working.

A trip to the pediatrician produced nothing more than a simple explanation of colic, with the simple advice to wait it out. I was confused. I thought babies who were breastfed had a less likely chance of developing colic. There had to be something I could do.

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