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I might be pregnant for the fourth time but this is the first time I've ever tried out Bio-Oil . Strangely, I wasn't actually pregnant, or even considering pregnancy when I bought a bottle of it in a local pharmacy, but I'd decided to try it on my face after noticing how lovely my sister's skin was and finding out she'd been using Bio Oil as her moisturiser for a few months!

Anyway, I used it a few times and then, as with a lot of things, more or less forgot about it and it languished in my bedside drawer for a maybe a year before I decided to try it for real about 8 weeks ago.

The reason I'd decided to try again was simply because I'd again noticed my sister's skin fabulous skin and chatted with her again about her Bio Oil experience. She hadn't one negative word to say about it, so out of interest I started reading some personal reviews over on Amazon and couldn't quite believe how successful it had been for so many people - even plastic surgeons recommending it to their patients after surgery to reduce the appearance of scars!

Whilst most people, myself included, tend to see Bio Oil as predominantly a pregnancy product, it actually can be used any time and for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, I've never suffered from stretch marks (which happens to be a family thing as neither of my sisters nor my mum did either), but I have suffered throughout my life, from my teenage years onwards from acne, some of which has left some slight scarring. After seeing the dramatic change in my sister's skin tone I made up my mind that this time I'd persevere.

Eight weeks later and the difference is incredible. I haven't had any breakouts in about six weeks and even then it was just the odd small spot. My skin is much fresher and feels a lot smoother and I'm really enjoying the brief facial massage I give myself every morning and evening as I apply the tiniest drop of oil to my face (and I do mean the tiniest)!

Bio Oil smells divine and my own personal technique in the mornings is after my shower to place a small drop in the palm of my hand, rub it between both hands and gently massage it into my entire face and neck. I'd had a bad out break of spots on my neck last summer and had quite a few patches of darkened skin there but it has all gone now and I know that's down to the oil as I'd tried numerous other products to no avail in an attempt to get rid of them!

In the evenings, I remove my makeup using a basic cleanser, rinse my face in warm water, pat it dry and again apply the Bio Oil as before.

The thing I really love about Bio Oil is that it can be worn with makeup. I leave it about five or ten minutes after applying to give it a chance to be absorbed into my skin before putting any facial makeup on and my makeup stays put all day without any oiliness being evident. However, a benefit of my skin improving is that in the last couple of weeks I've actually been brave enough to leave the house without any foundation, something unheard of for me previously. In just eight weeks of use, this has been a remarkable result for me.

I absolutely love my Bio Oil and can't imagine stopping using it now. In fact, next time I need a bottle, I'll be buying the biggest one to replace my small bottle - which is still over half full even after all this time!

Bio Oil is available in all good pharmacies and maybe even in some supermarkets too. However, Amazon often have some really good deals (savings in excess of 50% at times) so it's worth comparing before making a purchase. Here's Amazon UK's product page: 

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml

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