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Nutkin_childrens_white_cot_bed With baby number four on the way after a six year gap, I'm finding myself once again drawn to nursery furnishings and I must admit there's something very classic, not to mention delightfully charming, about the gorgeous range of Nutkin Children's White Furniture sold by www.DooleysFurniture.com, a company which specializes in white furniture.

Who wouldn't love a Nutkin Children's White Cot Bed taking pride of place in their baby's nursery?

Not only does it look absolutely stunning, but with three height settings for the base of the cot, this feature makes it comfortable for a new mother to reach her newborn for those all-important night feeds and nappy changes. Adjustable height levels also help prevent overstretching of a new mother's loosened ligaments in the early weeks after giving birth as well as meaning growing babies can always be kept at a level that is safe for them.

I've always slightly regretted that after my first baby was born I didn't choose a white cot bed. Instead, for reasons unknown to me, I chose to go for a darker oak cot bed, and that was despite my mum encouraging me to go for white since it never goes out of fashion! So convinced of this was she that she'd even held on to my childhood white cot in the hope I'd make some use of it when I became a mother! Knowing that many older cots were often painted with lead-based paints which pose a poisoning risk to babies and small children (and we all know how they like to use their cot as a huge teething ring), I was too afraid to take the risk!

Thankfully, with the invention of modern lead-free paints, this is not a worry anymore and the Nutkin Children's White Cot Bed is no exception. Carefully painted using a seven step painting process using only non-toxic paint and with teething bars incorporated into the frame of the cot bed, it's unlikely that your child will ever manage to have a little nibble. Even if they do somehow manage to (and children can find the most ingenious ways of doing exactly what you least expect!), rest assured it will cause no harm.

Once your baby has outgrown the cot, it is easily adjusted to make a stunning sleigh bed and later even transforms into a lovely day bed - perfect for those little naps young children like to take after a tiring day at playschool!

Measuring H100 x W172 x D80cm, this particular cot bed is actually suitable from birth right up to the age of 12 years, which just goes to emphasise the sturdy workmanship, high build quality and generosity of materials used in its creation. In contrast, consider how the cot bed I bought only lasted each of my children until the age of five years after which it was necessary to purchase new beds.

The Nutkin Children's White Cotbed also features three well-proportioned storage drawers with delightful solid antiqued brass flush mounted drawer handles adding an additional touch of luxury to the overall look and feel of the product. Again, this was something I didn't consider when making my own purchase all those years ago and now regret. As with most families with children, you can never have enough storage, so for me this is a real plus point that is well worth considering.

If the above points aren't enough to entice you, just consider that only the highest grade solid European hardwood (ash) has been used in the construction of the cot bed and this has been obtained in an environmentally friendly manner coming from managed plantations which specialize in sustainable timber. You never know, this cot bed might just become a lasting heirloom which your children will hopefully be thrilled to pass on to their own babies!

Although it isn't supplied with a mattress, this need not be a problem since any standard sized children's 140cm x 70cm mattress will fit. In fact, I personally prefer to buy mattresses separately for my children's beds as I often find those supplied are often not the most comfortable - in the same way I like to shop around and try out different mattresses for my own bed!

When you order this cot bed, a minimal amount of self-assembly is required. However, as you can see from the picture above, the effort will be well worth the result and you will be absolutely delighted you opted for the Nutkin Children's White Cot Bed for your child. The only problem now is that you will definitely want to add to your collection... but never fear, for the wide and varied range of Nutkin Children's White Furniture will help finish off your nursery!

The Nutkin Children's White Cot Bed is priced at £449 and available from Dooley's Furnishings.


Byline: This is a sponsored post. for which I am giving an honest and unbiased view of my own feelings regarding the products being promoted.


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