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Fairy Princess Play Tent - A Perfect Gift for Aspiring Fairies and Princesses (Product Review)

Fairy Princess Play TentWith Christmas just a matter of weeks away, it's time for many of us busy mums and dads to start thinking about perfect gifts for the small people we share our lives with. Having just one week ago given birth to my fourth baby, a little girl to join our other two daughters and son, I'm personally up to my eyes at the moment trying to get things just right.

In our house you can imagine that over the years we've acquired many dressing up costumes for hours of imaginative play, but it's amazing how fast time goes and how much you miss having a tiny tot tottering around in plastic heels, wearing a beautiful Princess gown or Fairy wings. With this in mind and with my new baby girl just starting her journey, I was very keen to review the most wonderful Fairy Princess Play Tent sold by that I'm convinced any aspiring Fairy or Princess would absolutely love.

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Morning Sickness: When Nausea Rears its Ugly Heave (Guest Post)

10 stomach-easing home remedies for expectant moms

Why is it that some women never have the slightest touch of morning sickness during pregnancy—while others are doomed to vomit the entire time? It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, you’re not alone. According to the March of Dimes you’re in the company of half of America’s pregnant women. That’s right, 50% of expectant moms suffer from morning sickness.

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Top 10 Ways to Make a Home Baby Safe (Guest Post)

Whether dealing with a new baby or new home, there can be dangers. With new moms and dads having enough issues to deal with, having a baby proof home is a must for the safety of your children and for your own peace of mind. It is never a good idea to leave a baby unattended, but learning more about these ten essential ways to make a home safe for your baby are a must read.

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Your Child’s Vision: Recognizing Problems (Guest Post)

Vision-ChildrenYour child’s vision is the most important of all his senses. Although there are programs designed specifically for the advancement of the blind, the truth is that if your child goes undiagnosed for vision problems, he is likely to miss out when he gets to school since the majority of materials are presented visually. This could limit his ability to read and write, which will put him behind in every subject. The point is, you need to be vigilant in looking for signs of vision problems because the earlier they are detected, the better chance your child has of correcting the issue so that vision can develop normally. So here are some things to consider.

There are often simple indicators that your child is suffering from vision problems and they can start in infancy. Some babies, for instance, are born with cataracts (or children may develop them within the first few years of life). If you have a family history of this condition it could be inherited, but there may also be other causes. Regardless, you need to get an immediate exam and analysis done if you notice the cloudy spots that indicate cataracts. If they are present, surgery will be needed in order to remove the cataracts so that your child’s vision develops normally.

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Feeling Healthy Post-Baby (Guest Post)

About a month ago, I gave birth to my third child. My pregnancy and delivery both went really well and even though my husband and I are thrilled to see our family grow just a little more, I'm anxious to get back to my pre-baby body. I'm glad I remember well my weight loss experiences after my first two children (read: I know to be patient in my journey back to my pre-baby body). All the same, I can't wait until I can get back to running a few times a week.

While I bide my time until I can go back to the gym – my doctor has recommended waiting a minimum of six weeks post-childbirth to resume working out – I'm concentrating on eating well for my health and that of my nursing newborn. While pregnant, I developed some unhealthy eating habits, like tearing through bags of potato chips between meals whose portions were already larger than I normally ate. (I took that "eating for two" thing to heart.) I had to retrain myself to eat several smaller meals throughout the day, rather than sitting down for three huge gorge-fests. I'm not actively trying to lose weight – it's too early post-baby to do so – but changing my diet slowly makes my postpartum recovery that much easier.

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5 Tips to Make Your Child Like to Do His Homework (Guest Post)

Like adults, every child is different. Although children are energetic, not all children are able to direct sufficient energy towards their studies. That’s where you as a parent have to dispense your responsibility.

To successfully make your children like and do their homework, you have to know a few things yourself beforehand. Firstly, some children love doing their homework, some need a little bit of pushing while the rest loathe it.

Secondly, homework is not merely a mundane task. It is just as much a learning process as class lessons are. Thirdly, some children are capable of independently doing their homework, while the rest of them are not. Fourthly and lastly, there is a way to make every child do his/her homework.

Following are five pointers that will help you make your child do his homework a little more easily.

1. Categorize Carefully 

Categorize your child as someone who:

a. Loves homework

b. Is just lazy about homework

c. Hates homework

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Parental Stress and Its Affect on Children (Guest Post)

Experienced parents have long ago noticed that the time when a parent is under considerable stress seems to be the time when the baby is the most cantankerous. Is there a relationship? Absolutely. Babies are extremely sensitive to the moods of their caregivers. A happy caregiver is usually working with a happy baby. A highly stressed caregiver causes stress and stressful behavior in the child.

The Child's Reaction to Parental Stress

The effect of parental stress on babies depends upon two factors, the intensity of the stress and the duration. In a short-term stressful situation, such as a natural reaction to a plumbing leak in the kitchen or a temporary loss of electricity, will cause stress in a child but only for a short time. When the stressful event is over and the parental stress stops, the baby's stressful feelings will also be relieved with no long term effect. Long-term stressful periods, such as parental reaction to a divorce or job loss, can have long-term negative effects upon the child as the parent's moods become darker and less loving attention is paid to the child. When this stressful condition lasts for a long period, the child will have growing feelings of abandonment. Young children model their behavior after the behavior of their parents and caregivers. If you are under constant stress and react by screaming, drinking, or being quick to anger, a young child's behavior will mimic this. He will learn erroneously that this sort of behavior is a suitable response to similar situations. Exposure to constant stress levels in the home can actually cause physical and psychological developmental changes in the child that will affect his behavior for the rest of his life. These changes can include the development of a brain that is smaller than normal, diminish the protection provided by the body's immune system, damage parts of the brain that control learning and memory, and develop a pattern of behavior that causes negative responses to stress throughout the child's life.

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Laser Eye Surgery During Pregnancy (Guest Article)

Is it safe to get laser eye surgery if I am pregnant?

Laser eye surgery is performed on approximately 100,000 people in the UK each year and its popularity continues to grow. There are 2 main types of laser eye surgery and they are Lasik and Lasek, both of which produce similar results but Lasik has a much quicker and more comfortable recovery period. There are many things that pregnant women have to avoid and is laser eye surgery another one to add to list?

Whilst there is no danger performing laser eye surgery on a pregnant woman, it is generally not advised to do so and the reasons are as follows:

Change in prescription: This is most important reason why you should not have laser eye surgery if you are pregnant. During pregnancy and in the first few months after giving birth, there are considerable changes to the hormones levels in your body. These hormonal changes can lead to a change in your prescription that could mean that your laser eye surgery is not long lasting. If you imagine that before you got pregnant your prescription in your glasses was -3.00 Dioptres and then during pregnancy your prescription changed to -2.00 Dioptres. If your eyes were lasered whilst pregnant, your laser eye surgeon would correct your -2.00 prescription. After your eyes had settled down following giving birth, your eyes normally revert back to what they were prior to being pregnant which would mean you were still -1.00 prescription and would therefore need glasses! It is for this reason that you should wait at least 3 months after giving birth before you consider laser eye surgery.

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