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Medela B-Well Steam Steriliser (Product Review)

With our little baby girl's recent arrival, I decided to buy a new steam steriliser to sterilise soothers and the various attachments of my breastfeeding pump. I was interested in the Medela B-Well Steam steriliser as I am currently using a Medela Swing Electric Breastpump but couldn't find much information about it online. As a result I decided to go ahead and buy it and then review it myself (see above!) to help other mums in the same situation. Hope it helps and let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts below. :)

Gum Disease and Pregnancy (Guest Post)

As if pregnant mothers don't have enough to worry about, they can now add oral hygiene to the list of potential concerns. Periodontal disease can affect women at any stage of life, but the effects can be more pronounced during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones themselves can cause additional swelling and bleeding of the gums in an otherwise healthy mouth. While annoying, this isn't a problem for most women as long as they continue regular dental care. However, for a woman with gum disease this additional swelling and bleeding can exacerbate symptoms. The potential risk is that ongoing and untreated gum infections can pose a risk to the developing foetus.

In a perfect world good oral hygiene would be taken care of before a woman becomes pregnant. But let's assume routine cleaning appointments have been missed. In that case, a trip to the dentist is in order once a pregnancy is confirmed. New research indicates that untreated periodontal disease can lead to premature birth and low birth weight in an otherwise healthy infant. A dentist can identify the signs of periodontal disease and devise a treatment plan for the mother.

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BabyCam Car - The Safe Way To Monitor Your Baby When Driving (Product Review)

BabyCam CarI think I've just found one of my very favourite review products - BabyCam Car, a Storage Options baby monitoring system for use in the car (or home). It's a simple idea, but one which makes life so much easier for the parents of young babies and small children.

The product is made up of two parts: a little wireless camera and a little wireless screen! The camera is attached by a suction cup to a window in the rear of the car. The camera is then pointed at the child you wish to monitor and live video is transmitted to a small companion screen also attached by suction cup to your car windscreen - similar to satnav. This enables you to keep a close eye on your child whilst driving without the need to turn around and potentially lose control of your car in the process. The product has an automatic day and night function mode, both of which show extremely clear images of the child being watched. There is also a volume control wheel which can be used if necessary. The device is powered with built in rechargeable batteries and is easily charged via your vehicle's cigarette lighter. Each charge lasts around 4 hours.


On my first attempt at trying BabyCam Car I was naturally a little wary of the product in case it became distracting. However, I very quickly found that this wasn't the case. In fact, I actually found that when using BabyCam Car I tended to look at the camera only whilst sitting at traffic lights or when parked.

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