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How to Prepare for Breastfeeding (Guest Post)

You are pregnant and you are getting ready to for your babies’ arrival. You have lists, books and advice from those around you and it may seem overwhelming. To help you prepare for breastfeeding the best thing to do is, to do that. Prepare.

Go in with a clear and open mind. Have no worries, mothers have been doing this for hundreds of years. When you are learning about the process, take mental notes and accept the information with an open heart. There will be a lot of critics and judgments on who, what, where, when and how of breastfeeding. Go with what you are most comfortable with. It is important you do what you personally feel is best. Always trust your first instinct.

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It's Not Too Late to Improve Your Diet (Guest Post)

The new year may be in full swing now, but it really isn't too late to do some things to improve your health in 2012.

Starting a healthy eating regime is something you can do at any time of the year. But with spring just around the corner and new beginnings galore around now, it seems as good a time as any.

The key to eating healthily is to still give yourself a treat every now and again. You're bound to despise your regime if it cuts out everything you love in the process. Don't have no chocolate whatsoever, just don't gorge on it when you have it. A little of what you love won't hurt you, it's more when you consume too much of it that it becomes a problem.

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How to Correctly Install a Car Seat (Guest Post)

Nothing gives joy to a parent as much as watching their kids grow up to be strong healthy towers of solace for their old age. In a time where traveling is inevitable, it is imperative that each parent protects not only their best wishes but the dreams they have for their kids. Small things like learning how to correctly install a car seat may go a long way in consolidating your child’s good life. According to statistics more the three quarters of all car seats are incorrectly installed. The consequences are devastating; there have been a rising number of casualties and fatalities as well as deep emotional scars that will rarely completely heal once you learn that you could have prevented it.

Cars seats should be installed in the rear-facing position in the dead center of the rear seat. Should you be driving a station wagon or a van, then the middle is the safest of places. It is paramount that you keep your child using the rear-facing position for as long as possible. Unless the kid out grows this position, it is for their safety to keep them in this position. 

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Need to Occupy Your Children Using Only One Hand? Try These D.I.Y. Face Paint Tricks (Guest Post)

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you have most likely discovered that there are just not enough hours in the day. If you’re an at-home mom currently nursing, you have also noticed that you never have enough hands available to get anything done! This is when it comes time to break out the one-hand wonders of activities. Face paint is an easy way to give your toddler some attention while holding your infant; and the best part is, you only need one hand!

Face paint can easily be purchased at most grocery or convenient stores, but it is also really fun, cheap, and easy to make at home. In fact, you probably already have the ingredients available in your medicine cabinet now.

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What to Do When Baby Refuses to Nurse (Guest Post)

Babies are finicky little creatures, and sometimes even those who’ve been breastfeeding for a while will suddenly decide not to latch on.

Why won’t she nurse?

There are lots of reasons a baby might suddenly stop nursing as well as she previously has lowered milk supply, Mommy’s tension, too hot or cold, distracted by the increasingly interesting world around her…the reasons are actually endless. Sometimes there is really no good reason at all, just as sometimes you just don’t feel like eating breakfast some random morning.

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A Greener Demeanor for a Healthier Family (Guest Post)

Baby proofing is a common topic. Everyone knows they need to pad corners, gate off stairs and remove any potentially dangerous objects. However, there are several other areas that need to be taken care of. Follow these tips to help make your home safer while still keeping things green.

Green Cleaning Solutions


It's a common mistake for the overly nervous parent to get a little disinfectant happy. A lot of cleaners are harmful for the environment and this means they are harmful for you too. Homemade cleaners are easy to make, cheaper than store bought solutions and are harmless for you, baby and the great outdoors. Baking soda, vinegar, table salt, white distilled vinegar, olive oil, natural soap, lemons and a few essential oils are all you need. For an all-purpose disinfectant, mix two cups of water, 15 drops each of tea tree and lavender oils and a few drops of natural soap. You can spray this mixture directly on tables, cutting boards and anything kids touch. There are many other recipes for green cleaners online. There are even some that don't need the essential oils. Using these homemade alternatives is better for your wallet and the environment.

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One in Four Parents to Face a First Aid Emergency (Press Release)

– New online training campaign to help improve parents’ first aid skills –

81% of parents in the UK don’t have the knowledge required to administer basic first aid to a baby or a child although one in four will have to deal with an emergency first aid situation.

New research* by Tesco Baby & Toddler Club also reveals that 72% of parents wouldn’t feel confident in administering first aid. 60% would worry they would do something wrong, 54% would panic and 47% fear they would cause more harm.

The survey marks the launch of the fifth Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe campaign – an initiative to offer free, basic first aid training to parents, grandparents and carers. To reach as many parents as possible, this year’s sessions will be run exclusively online via a series of short videos, Twitter chats and webinar. Experts from the British Red Cross will teach invaluable lifesaving skills to help deal with bumps to the head, falls, meningitis, burns, choking and what to do if a child is unconscious.

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Celebrate the Battle (Guest Post)

My friends always said I was the optimist in our little crowd. I was the one who always saw the glass as half full, the one who never took off those rose colored glasses. Never did that trait serve me better than on November 21, 2005 when, at the ripe old age of 36, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma.

I’m not sure there is any preparation for hearing the words, “You have cancer.” I am certain there is no preparation for hearing them just 3 ½ months after the birth of your only child. There I was, in the midst of the most joyous experience of my life, and the doctor was handing me a death sentence.

So I dawned those rose colored glasses. When the doctor scheduled surgery for Groundhog Day, I nicknamed the tumor “Punxsutawney Phil”. The day they removed my lung I renamed Groundhog Day, “Lung-Leavin’-Day”. My family and I still celebrate “Lung-Leavin-Day” the first weekend of February every year. It is a celebration of life, a celebration of conquering fear, a celebration of turning the bad into good. It is a celebration of hope.

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5 Different Shots for Your Pregnancy Photos (Guest Post)

Whether this is your first born or your third, you want to capture that special time during your pregnancy. Instead of your typical mother and father shots, here are a few other ideas to consider before you get in front of that camera:

Silhouette: A pregnant woman’s silhouette can be one of the most beautiful images. It’s a soft image that evokes a lot of emotion. Wearing a solid, soft color and somewhat fitted outfit, stand in front of natural light, like the light coming from a bedroom window. Pull your hair back off of your face and neck for a more serene shot. Your photographer will know how to shoot this shot.

Cravings: A very cute and fun idea is to take a photograph with a white board or chalk board beside you. In fun handwriting and colors, write how far along you are and what your current food cravings are. This will be a great shot for when the years pass; you can look back and remember the little things like your love for pickles and ice cream.

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Shh! Supermum's Secret Revealed... (Press Release)

One of the main complaints of parents is that they simply don't have the energy they need to tackle all the tasks they are faced with. With a full time job, a busy social life and family responsibilities, parenting nowadays can be extremely draining on the body and mind.
Being exhausted is no fun and it can often be tempting to stock up on sugary treats and caffeine. This, however, is only ever a short term solution that will mask the problem as opposed to solving it, and can leave people feeling wired and even more stressed than before.

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