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One of the main complaints of parents is that they simply don't have the energy they need to tackle all the tasks they are faced with. With a full time job, a busy social life and family responsibilities, parenting nowadays can be extremely draining on the body and mind.
Being exhausted is no fun and it can often be tempting to stock up on sugary treats and caffeine. This, however, is only ever a short term solution that will mask the problem as opposed to solving it, and can leave people feeling wired and even more stressed than before.

Body Balance from BioCare is a unique new supplement that has been specially designed to be a nutritious and sustainable solution to lethargy and sluggishness. It combines high quality proteins with chromium, L-Carnitine and CLA to create the perfect fuel for busy bodies.
Protein is essential in the growth and repair of body cells and is used as a slow-release form of energy. Chromium is well renowned for its ability to help balance blood sugar and stabilise energy levels. Finally, L-Carnitine and CLA can help 'rev up' the metabolism, shuttling fat into cells where they are converted into much needed energy. Simply mix the vanilla flavoured powder with a glass of water, juice or milk to make a delicious drink that can be sipped on the go.
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