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What Should I Eat and Drink While I'm Breastfeeding? (Guest Post)

It's common knowledge that breastfeeding your baby is better for its health, but is there anything you can eat and drink to make your milk even more nutritious? And what about your own health while breastfeeding? Two of the most common complaints amongst breastfeeding women are exhaustion and dehydration, both of which are helped by drinking plenty of water, herbal tea and milk (providing you can eat dairy). Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help to maintain your energy levels, and ensure that your baby is getting all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs from your breast milk. 

What is a healthy diet?

You'll need to be eating a variety of vegetables, and lots of them. If you're not a big fan of veggies, try stir-frying them with some garlic or flavoured oil. Stir-frying is the most delicious way to prepare vegetables, and also the healthiest, after steaming & microwaving, as the quick cooking time means you're not destroying so many of the vitamins. (Vitamins are water-soluble, so boiling veg usually means you're boiling away the vitamins, too.)

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How to Deal with Sibling Fighting (Guest Post)

Sibling rivalry is natural, and it is expected in every family with more than one child. However, sometimes things get too serious and parents have to deal with the problem. In fact, the sooner parents handle the problem, the better.

Here are some simple ways to deal with sibling fighting:

Never Point at Just One

It takes two to tango! Never hold only one child responsible for a problem. Accusing just one, even if it is his/her fault fuels more fury. Doing so will give the other kid a reason to call names and bully the child in question. Therefore, handle the problem by disciplining both of them together. Set up rules that will keep them both in check. For example, if either misbehaves, everyone goes to bed early. Be clear that both will be held accountable, it doesn't matter whose fault it was.

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Three Top Tips to make New Mum Feel Good (Guest Post)

If you are a new Mum you may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions as your hormones rebalance after the birth of your little bundle of joy. Some days might be plain sailing with the house immaculate, a contented baby, the washing done and tea on the table domestic-goddess-style whilst others could be car crashes of weeping and wailing – you and the baby – mess everywhere and takeaway pizza for dinner.

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The Ongoing Criminalization of Breastfeeding (Guest Post)

Breastfeeding in public can be intimidating, but fortunately there are many products on the market that make it much easier for mothers. For those times when it's just not possible to breastfeed behind closed doors, a few items can make discreet nursing much more convenient and comfortable.

Nursing Covers

There are a wide variety of nursing cover styles and patterns available for breastfeeding moms. Some nursing covers have an adjustable neckline with boning, which allows you to see your baby and also provides ventilation. If you don't want to fiddle around with a strap, you can also use a large lightweight blanket or fashionable scarf to provide privacy. Choose a nursing cover that will last if you plan to nurse your baby for the long term. If you're going for full coverage, the wrap should cover your entire chest and extend far enough on the sides to provide plenty of cover.

Nursing Sash

Nursing sashes are ideal for moms who are less nervous about letting people know they are nursing in public. When you use a nursing sash, your breast is completely exposed but your baby isn't under a cover. Nursing sashes have two layers of fabric that separate to allow access to the breast. To use a nursing sash, you will need to be wearing a shirt that allows you to easily nurse by pulling down your shirt from the top, rather than lifting it up from the bottom. For example, if you're wearing a turtleneck sweater a nursing sash is out of the question. Most nursing sashes also have a detachable burp cloth that you can use when your baby finishes nursing.

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Healthy Eating for Baby and You (Guest Post)

When you are breastfeeding, it is vital that you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. Not just for your baby, but for you, so that you can maintain the energy levels you need to go about the tiring business of being a new mum!

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be a chore either, and we all know that easy is the way forward when it comes to being a new mum; there’s so much more to worry about than preparing fancy meals! But instead of reaching for the takeaway menu and slipping into bad habits, make sure you have the right foods in to fix yourself healthy and nutritious snacks whenever you need to.

Have nuts, fruit and oat crackers ready to hand for healthy snacking when you’re on the go, so that you’re less tempted by the multipack of crisps in the cupboard.

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