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Miscarriage Poems: Born Sleeping by Emily Waters

This lovely miscarriage poem was written by Emily who told us "I wrote this poem for my baby sister, who was stillborn at 20 weeks on the 10th April 2012. I still can't believe how much it hurts to lose someone you never even got to know."

Born Sleeping
by Emily Waters

Daughter, sister, little pearl,
We waited for you, baby girl.
Unexpected, treasured still,
We loved you then and always will,

Ahead of time, too soon you came,
We didn’t take you home again.
Tiny hands and eyes closed tight,
Were taken from us, out of sight.

But still you’re ours, sweet Florence dear,
We won’t forget you, you’re still here.
You life was short, but not unseen,
Inside our hearts you’ve always been.

The time you had was safe and warm,
Protected always from the storm.
You heard us laugh and sing to you,
Part of our family through and through.

A precious girl, we say goodbye,
At least we’ll know you’ll never cry.
Daughter, sister, little pearl,
We’ll always love you, baby girl.

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