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Miscarriage Poems: Born Sleeping by Emily Waters

Miscarriage Poems - You Are Mine!

This tender miscarriage poem was sent to us by a grandmother who wrote it in memory of her grandchild after her daughter suffered a miscarriage.

You Are Mine!

Your guardian angel
placed you in my womb.

A safe haven, right under my heart.
I held you with my body,

A hug that was 360 degrees
For 24 hours each day.

You and I were one for several weeks,
I dreamed of your face,

Held you in my arms,
Kissed your tiny hands,

I gave you a name,
You were mine!

You were called by name,
By the Lord above,

To the only place,
That is as beautiful and safe as inside me.

I let you go,
To the only one that would love you as much as I do.

So here I am and there you are,
You waiting for me –

Me waiting for you
Locked in a Love embrace

360 degrees
24 hours a day.

You are Mine!

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