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Got Acne? Get JooMo

Family Battle Skin Allergy with 100% Natural Discovery

JooMo Face WashAfter developing a skin allergy in 2008 mum of two Linda Russell, set out on a journey that would lead her and her partner Nick to develop the very first 100% natural face wash. Although an avid user of various skin lotions and creams, in 2008 she developed a distressing skin allergy which seemed untreatable.

Although the allergy started off as a fairly innocuous looking red patch on her chin, it spread alarmingly with groups of red spots and parts of her face becoming inflamed around her mouth and chin. It was sometimes so sore it hurt to smile. Horrified by the appearance of her skin, Linda began a desperate period of hunting for a cure.

Linda, co-founder of JooMo, said: “My existing skin care products seemed to hurt my face when applied, so I stopped using them. I went to the doctor’s and was prescribed steroid cream – after a temporary improvement, my skin was worse than ever. I remember going to Canada  on business, and my face ached the whole time – I also felt horribly self-conscious meeting people, much the same dimly remembered feeling I had had as a teenager with an outbreak of spots.”

Nick Wallen and Linda RussellAlong the way Linda tried everything from over the counter creams like E45 and well-known brands like Liz Earle to expensive herbal ointments and balms from online ‘niche’ skin care companies. It seemed nobody really knew what the problem was.

After returning from Canada Linda’s doctor prescribed anti-fungal tablets, which caused a new rash to appear on her face, so at her wits end she finally sought help from a hospital specialist. Linda was diagnosed with dermatitis and told the only cure was a long course of antibiotics.

To compound the situation Linda’s teenage twin sons, Sam and Kit, both developed skin problems of their own. Sam, 16 at the time, started to suffer badly from increasingly recurrent bouts of cold sores, which inflamed his skin leading to bad acne. This not only made him feel physically ill but it also had a damaging effect on his self confidence.  Kit on the other hand had had problems with skin rashes and allergies since he was a baby, and most off the shelf creams tended to make things worse.

Linda continued: “In utter desperation I spoke with Nick’s dad, a doctor, and he recalled that the only effective advice his own mother was given many years ago for her psoriasis was to stop using anything , including soaps, but instead to just apply a warm sea salt solution to her skin.”

“I tried this and within days my skin showed signs of improvement. Feeling optimistic again, I got the boys to try this as well and to my delight their skin started to improve just like mine.”

Intrigued by the healing effect of just salt and water, Nick and Linda started to look more into the science and history of skin conditions. It quickly became obvious to Nick that the introduction of 20th Century cosmetic products has led to the alteration of the skin’s natural condition and the breakdown of its defences. Studies show that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of allergies and ailments since the introduction of modern cosmetics.

So Nick and Linda set out to investigate so-called ‘Natural’ skin remedies and the ingredients that are used to make them. They were horrified to discover that there was virtually nothing for sale that didn’t contain unpleasant, synthetic ingredients. The same was even more true for skin care products aimed at teenagers.

Linda said: “We were determined to change things. We decided that it must be possible to develop an effective natural face wash which would not only help Sam and Kit’s skin, but would help all teenagers to get their healthy skin back too.”

“So convinced were we of the dire need for such a formulation that the more the so called professional formulators and industry ‘experts’ told us it couldn’t be done, the more determined we were to prove it possible.”

After weeks of research, the revelation came. Nick came up with the discovery that if you can both clean the skin and restore its natural environment, then most skin problems can be both cured and prevented. Equally Nick found from his research that simple natural ingredients work amazingly well in synergy rather than individually. 

Sam and Kit then became the guinea pigs, as over the following months Nick and a University research team tested various combinations of natural ingredients, until finally the SaponinJTM formulation was perfected.

Nick and Linda had achieved the impossible and developed a completely natural, safe and effective face wash product for vulnerable teenage skin!

Linda said: “JooMo Face Wash cured all my own skin problem - my skin has never been so healthy. It’s also remarkable that as an unintended consequence of my hands coming in contact with our Face Wash, the chronic eczema I got on my fingers has disappeared too!”

Sam’s cold sores also quickly disappeared and he has never had a recurrence, nor has Kit suffered any further from allergic rashes since using JooMo.

JooMo face wash will be available to the public from 27th June 2012.
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