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Got Acne? Get JooMo

JooMo Face WashWhen I received a new natural face wash aimed at people with sensitive skin and also for sufferers of acne, I was initially a little dubious about how well it might work. The reason for this was because as a former acne sufferer, I thought I'd tried everything to no avail and the only thing that ever did help was a very strong prescription-only product prescribed by my GP. I certainly didn't expect that an over-the-counter face wash, natural or otherwise, would make much difference to anyone with real acne!

However, as the mother of a 12 year old girl who is only recently starting to experience unwelcome skin changes, I thought to myself there'd be no harm giving JooMo a try as I wasn't too keen on her taking the same route I'd travelled.

Having read the information that was sent along with my sample, I was impressed that this product markets itself as the very first 100% natural face wash. Unlike many products currently on the market which claim to be pure but which actually have all manner of nasties hidden within the ingredients, JooMo actually is completely natural! 

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Family Battle Skin Allergy with 100% Natural Discovery

JooMo Face WashAfter developing a skin allergy in 2008 mum of two Linda Russell, set out on a journey that would lead her and her partner Nick to develop the very first 100% natural face wash. Although an avid user of various skin lotions and creams, in 2008 she developed a distressing skin allergy which seemed untreatable.

Although the allergy started off as a fairly innocuous looking red patch on her chin, it spread alarmingly with groups of red spots and parts of her face becoming inflamed around her mouth and chin. It was sometimes so sore it hurt to smile. Horrified by the appearance of her skin, Linda began a desperate period of hunting for a cure.

Linda, co-founder of JooMo, said: “My existing skin care products seemed to hurt my face when applied, so I stopped using them. I went to the doctor’s and was prescribed steroid cream – after a temporary improvement, my skin was worse than ever. I remember going to Canada  on business, and my face ached the whole time – I also felt horribly self-conscious meeting people, much the same dimly remembered feeling I had had as a teenager with an outbreak of spots.”

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Maternity Clothing: The Basics Explained - Guest Post

Having to buy clothes to fit your changing body shape can be extremely costly over a nine-month period.

However, by kitting yourself out with basic maternity clothes, you will not only save yourself money, but will be prepared with the essential clothing to get you through your entire pregnancy.

The basics for your pregnancy


Your maternity jeans will more than likely be the hardest working items in your wardrobe and will get you through your whole pregnancy, as you can wear them as casual or dressed up.

There’s a wide range of different styles available for pregnant women, which include the stretchy jegging, bootcut, straight, skinny and boyfriend jean.

You can choose to go for either a microfiber over the bump band that will provide great stretch and comfort, or there’s the jersey panel, which fits under your bump to give you support as you grow over the coming months.


Wearing a simple dress is perhaps one of the easiest and most comfortable pieces of clothing for a pregnant woman.

It can be dressed up with jewellery and heels for an evening out or a smart work look, or can be teamed up with jeans and leggings for a more casual outfit.

Vests and tunics

Both of these types of tops are easy to mix and match with other clothes and by layering vests and tunics over leggings or jeans, you’ll create a look that can last throughout your entire pregnancy.

You can also add a cardigan, jumper or hooded top depending on the weather.

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Getting Your Mind and Body Back Post Baby - Guest Post

Whether you’ve just had your first or your fifth baby, you want to get your pre-pregnancy body back as quickly as possible. Staying fit is one way you can lose baby fat, increase your energy and boost your mental attitude. Start today by implementing several post-baby workout tips.

Fitness is important

Every mom wants to look good. After nine months of wearing elastic-waist pants and maternity shirts, you’re ready to wear those cute pre-pregnancy clothes again. When you make an effort to stay fit, not only will your regular clothes fit again, but also you’ll feel better. Women who exercise receive a mental boost and gain confidence.

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