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Having to buy clothes to fit your changing body shape can be extremely costly over a nine-month period.

However, by kitting yourself out with basic maternity clothes, you will not only save yourself money, but will be prepared with the essential clothing to get you through your entire pregnancy.

The basics for your pregnancy


Your maternity jeans will more than likely be the hardest working items in your wardrobe and will get you through your whole pregnancy, as you can wear them as casual or dressed up.

There’s a wide range of different styles available for pregnant women, which include the stretchy jegging, bootcut, straight, skinny and boyfriend jean.

You can choose to go for either a microfiber over the bump band that will provide great stretch and comfort, or there’s the jersey panel, which fits under your bump to give you support as you grow over the coming months.


Wearing a simple dress is perhaps one of the easiest and most comfortable pieces of clothing for a pregnant woman.

It can be dressed up with jewellery and heels for an evening out or a smart work look, or can be teamed up with jeans and leggings for a more casual outfit.

Vests and tunics

Both of these types of tops are easy to mix and match with other clothes and by layering vests and tunics over leggings or jeans, you’ll create a look that can last throughout your entire pregnancy.

You can also add a cardigan, jumper or hooded top depending on the weather.

Nursing tops

These can be an extremely flattering shape on a pregnant woman; choose either pretty flower prints or plain colours that you can mix and match with other clothing.

Nursing tops can be worn during and of course after your pregnancy, and will be very useful for if you decide to breastfeed as they provide a discreet nursing design.

Cardigans and Jumpers

These are great for when it gets a bit cooler and you need more layers. A plain black or grey jumper will look great teamed up with jeans or trousers and can be dressed up or down.

A cute cable cardigan or coatigan is a great key piece for mixing and matching with shirts, dresses, jeans or trousers to create a smart, yet casual outfit.

Maternity bras

A woman’s pregnancy body is constantly changing throughout the months, so ensuring that you are wearing the correct bra is vital for your health and well-being.

Make sure that you are measured when you start to feel your bust changing, as having properly fitted lingerie will also make your clothes look better.

You should be measured for a nursing bra around 36 - 38 weeks into pregnancy.


Swimming is a great way of staying fit when you’re pregnant, as well as helping to relieve any stress!  Choose a flattering maternity tankini or swimsuit, which can then be used after your baby is born if you so wish.

Maternity nightwear

Look for nightwear that will provide you with both comfort and support while you are sleeping.  It’s also useful to wear a nursing bra complete with nursing clips for when your baby is born, to make it easier for if you decide to breastfeed.

A top tip for maternity clothing is to not buy a huge amount of expensive items that you'll never wear again, look for pregnancy friendly fabrics that stretch with your body shape and allow your skin breathe.

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