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Baavet Natural Wool Duvets - Sweet Dreams in a Perfectly Warm Bed Guaranteed!

I've suffered increasingly over the years from hayfever and in recent years have noticed even house dust becoming ever more troublesome. In fact, it's got so bad that I need to use antihistamines year round, not just in the pollen season. Anyway, just before my baby daughter arrived last year, I decided to look into buying her a natural wool cot fleece and, much to my surprise, learnt that wool is hypoallergenic once the lanolin is removed. Natural wool products are also dust mite resistant, promote peaceful sleep, totally sustainable and contain no horrible chemicals. 

As time has gone by and having noticed that the baby's wool fleece didn't appear to annoy her or me (and I can't wear wool clothing as it makes me sneeze and itch too much), I was truly amazed that it seemed to be troublefree and decided to do some further research into natural wool.

In addition, I'd been thinking that perhaps my duck feather and down duvet was causing a lot of the house dust in our bedroom and was looking for alternatives when I stumbled upon natural wool duvets. I hadn't actually known that wool was an alternative to feather duvets and thought my only option was a horrible polyester duvet, so I was delighted to find that there was something else to consider!

Now, to be honest, I wasn't that convinced to begin with, but the more I read about the wool option the more desirable it became. Our own quilt was extremely comfortable but also very heavy and difficult to shake out when making the bed and wool duvets, aside from having hypoallergenic advantages, appeared to be a lighter and easier choice.

Well, to cut a long story a little bit shorter, after several months contemplating making the switch, I decided it was time to just go for it.

Having done some online searching, I discovered a family run business in Wales called which offered a trial period with their natural wool duvets, known as Baavet's, and this seemed the perfect solution. The reviews on their website appeared very genuine, as did those on unrelated forums, and with the benefit of a 30 day no quibbles trial, I felt I couldn't go wrong. I also liked the idea that their duvets were made in such a beautiful part of the world and their benefits of natural wool duvets page sold me on the idea completely!

So, I went ahead and placed my order and within a few days the remarkably light duvet arrived. I was instantly intrigued as to how something so light could keep me warm and, although I knew the duvet was going to weigh less than my old one, I couldn't quite comprehend that it would actually work.

But, the test was about to commence.

You see, my husband feels the cold a lot more than I do. Usually he has an extra quilt pulled onto the bed whilst I am kicking off the first one as I overheat quickly! The sales pitch had stated that wool duvets are self-regulating so if you get hot they feel cool but if you feel cold they'll heat you up. Well, we've had ours less than a week and already I can tell you that this is exactly what has been happening. My husband is absolutely amazed that for the first time in years he is warm in bed and not looking for an extra heat source! I, on the other hand, feel lovely and snug but not too warm, so it's working out perfectly for me too.

My favourite thing about my new Baavet wool duvet though is the fact that my bed is now extremely easy to make. There's no more breaking my back trying to shake out my super kingsize wool duvet as was the case with the duck feather and down one. There also seems to be quite a bit less dust in our room meaning a lot less sneezing and sore eyes for me too. In fact, so impressed am I, that I've decided that as soon as I can afford to, I'm going to replace our childrens duvets with wool ones as well. 

By the way, Baavet did not ask me to review their natural wool duvets. I was just so impressed that I decided to surprise them!

If you're interested in trying out natural wool duvets for yourself, do give Baavet a try as I can heartily recommend them. Simply visit and check out all the benefits of natural wool duvets for yourself. Meanwhile my husband and I will be enjoying peaceful sleeps in our now cosy bed throughout the winter months ahead and, come the Spring, I have no doubt we'll still be enjoying our wool duvet which will be keeping us cooler but still cosy!

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